Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette & Gloss

I feel like I waited forever for this collection to launch in the UK as I had read online that it was launching on Boxing Day but it got pushed back to mid-January. On launch day I was stalking the Debenhams website to get hold of the Glow Palette and a gloss and I have been loving them. Surprisingly to me, I have heard some mixed reviews but I haven't been at all disappointed! 
Too Faced Sweet Peach

Too Faced Sweet PeachToo Faced Sweet Peach
Too Faced Sweet Peach
Too Faced Sweet Peach
Too Faced Sweet Peach
The Too Faced Sweet Peach collection has launched in the UK in Debenhams and Selfridges, one thing that I have found to be annoying is that Selfridges exclusively has the Papa Don't Peach Blush. Debenhams had said on social media that they would have the full collection but they have now said that they will have it from April time. The one thing I knew I had to get my hands on was the Glow Palette, I have been eyeing this up for months since it was first announced so I am glad that I got it. I am a huge fan of lip gloss and I have always been quite impressed with the Too Faced lip products so I thought I would give one of these new ones a try too. 

All of the products in this collection smell like peaches, the Glow Palette does have a peachy smell but it is a little on the artificial side whereas the scent of the glosses is nothing but delicious! All of the palettes and compacts are housed in metal tins with the most adorable, peachy packaging. I have seen a few people have found that the lids have broken off on their palettes so I am treating mine with care to be on the safe side! The powders inside the glow palette have been embossed too, the smaller shades (the highlighter and bronzer) have a mini peach print and the blush in the middle has a single peach on it with 'Sweet Peach Glow' embossed on it. I love the whole design of this collection with the peach emojis and the gorgeous peachy shades, I might just have to get the eyeshadow palette next! 

I am loving the palette and it has been used almost every single morning since it arrived. The shades in this palette when applied to the face are on the lighter side which I do actually like as having very light skin bronzers and blushes in particular, can look a little too harsh or intense. Having said this, once I have built up the colour they are still pretty light shades, I wish Too Faced had also done another shade option of this palette for deeper skin tones as this palette might not work for everyone. The highlight shade is golden peach metallic with warm undertones, I do really like this on my skin tone. The blush is a medium warm orange/peach shade which really suits my skin tone and looks gorgeous paired with the highlighter from this palette. I didn't think I was going to like the bronzer but I have been loving it! It is a medium brown with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. All of the powders are fairly easy to apply and blend on the skin well, they are always pretty easy to build up too. I have found them to last well on the skin, apart from the highlighter which did disappear towards late evenings so I do like to reapply but other than that, I am obsessed! 

The Pure Peach Sweet Peach Lip Oil Gloss is one of the only pinky shades available. While I love peachy tones on the eyes and cheeks, on the lips it does just not suit me. I love lip glosses and this one from Too Faced was put straight in my handbag and I know I want to get another shade soon. This gloss is very softening on the lips and feels like a creamy, slightly thicker gloss with absolutely no stickiness. It has peach oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E to hydrate and soften the lips while a having very peachy scent. This gloss, in particular, is very pigmented and on the lips adds a medium coverage of colour. For a gloss, it holds up and wears well on the lips but obviously needs reapplying after eating. The cute packaging is also carried over onto these lip glosses as they have a little peach emoji sticker on the top. 

The Too Faced Sweet Peach collection is available at Debenhams and Selfridges - HERE.



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