Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set

I am obsessed with trying new makeup brushes at the moment and they are one product I always recommend investing in as they don't often need replacing. I have found Blank Canvas to be slightly overlooked when it comes to brushes but they are much better quality and value for money when compared to some brush brands you could find in Superdrug!
Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set
Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set
Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set
Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set
Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set
The 12 Piece Hot Pink and Gold Face and Eye Brush Set includes every brush you could need to get started with makeup or for extending your brush collection. This is a 100% vegan-friendly brush set and is available in two different colour options, the Hot Pink and Gold as well as Rose Gold and Black. I have always found Blank Canvas brushes to be of high quality and some of the softest brushes in my collection. One thing I really love about Blank Canvas brushes is the colour options, these are such fun colours but they also have gorgeous metallic brushes too. The face brushes in this set are: 

- F34 Large Powder/ Bronzer Brush
- F20 Foundation/Powder Application Brush
- F33 Extreme Contour Brush
- F27 Painter Style Foundation Brush
- F36 Round Blush/Foundation Brush
- F19 Tapered Concealer/Contour Pencil Brush 

I love that this set includes many of the basic face brushes that you need but also one or two that are great if you like to experiment like the F33. I having been using the F34 for applying bronzer in a 3 motion to the face to warm up the skin and the F20 to apply and blend liquid foundations around the nose and chin. While the F19 is for concealer, I really like to use this brush on the eyes and to blend concealer and eyeshadow under the eyes and in the inner corners. The F27 is a fantastic brush to apply face masks with and make the application as mess free as possible. The eye/lip brushes included are:

- E12 Pencil Brush
- E04 Short Flat Shader
- E01 Eye Blending Brush
- E05 Angled Eye Blender 
- E06 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie
- E07 Lip/Detailer Brush

This includes every eye brush I could need for your everyday makeup and I have been using them every single day lately! The E04 is perfect to apply shadow to the lid and for smudging. The E04 and E05 are my go to brushes for applying shadows to the crease. These work so well to apply colours to the eyes and blending the shadows out as well. The E06 is a great brush for the brows whether you want to apply powders or pomades, I love to use the angled brush end to apply pomades to the brows before taking the spoolie through the brows to brush the brow hairs into place. 

All of the brushes in this set are incredibly soft and apply products beautifully to the skin. I have washed the brushes a few times and they have all held their shape well and I haven't noticed any of the brushes to shed at all! While this set is £77 which does seem expensive, it's actually incredibly affordable as it makes each brush just around £6.40 which is such a bargain! 

The Blank Canvas 12 Piece Hot Pink & Gold Brush Set is available from the Blank Canvas website - HERE.


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