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L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation

Foundations are one of my favourite products to test out at the moment, I just can't get enough of them! I have been really enjoying my L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation (I ordered it off eBay as it isn't available in the UK) and I couldn't wait to try the Total Cover from the Infallible line.
L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation
L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation
L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation
L'Oreal have launched a bunch of new products and the Total Cover Foundation is one of the ones included. This foundation claims to have a flawless finish with full coverage that lasts for up to 24 hours. It has a zero compromise, camouflaging formula that can cover anything from blemishes, redness and tattoos without overloading the skin. It also has a matte finish and leaves the skin with an even and shine-free base. This foundation is available in seven different shades and I went for 12 Natural Rose which is one of the lighter shades available.

The first couple of times that I used this foundation, I found it was looking patchy and I couldn't work out why as I was applying it the same as all of my other foundations. The best way I have found to apply this foundation to prevent any patchiness is to squeeze out product onto the back of my hand and apply it each section at a time and blend with a beauty blender as when I would apply it to completely to the face (dotting it into sections) before blending it, it would set making it look patchy. So I would recommend blending it quickly once applied to the skin as it does set quickly.

This foundation has a mousse texture and the coverage is incredible! I have a lot of discolouration from redness and acne scarring and this foundation covers everything with ease! It doesn't look heavy or cakey on the skin and now that I have found the perfect way to apply it, it always looks flawless and feels lightweight on the skin. There aren't many high street foundations I like but this is one of the best foundations I have tried in the past couple of months. 

It holds up very well on my skin and doesn't need too many touch ups throughout the day, my chin is always oily and all foundations tend to get oily throughout the day but I was impressed that I only needed to re-apply powder once or twice.This is one of the most long-wearing foundations I have tried from the high street, I can go a good 10 hours without seeing any blemishes or redness coming through. I find that many foundations settle into my smile lines and my pores but I have been using Benefit POREfessional and I haven't noticed it to settle into my pores or lines which most other products would still do even with the primer. I really hope they bring out a total cover concealer soon, especially for under the eyes!

The L'Oreal Total Cover Foundation retails for £9.99 - HERE.



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