Setting Spray Top Picks (And Why You Need One)

I have noticed such a huge difference since I introduced setting sprays into my makeup routine. While I don't suffer too much with oily skin anymore, I do need products to help lock my makeup into place and make it last longer to ensure that my acne and discolouration is covered all day long. These are my favourites at the moment and if you don't have one in your makeup routine yet - it's time to change that!
Favourite Setting Sprays
Favourite Setting Sprays Favourite Setting Sprays
Ever since I started using Primers and Setting Sprays, my makeup will last all day without fail. My main issue with my makeup is that it usually cakes up in my problematic area, my chin but setting sprays make all the difference. From the high street, my favourite has to be the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist but make sure you shake this extremely well before you spritz otherwise it leaves a powdery substance on the skin. This helps lock my makeup in the place and makes it last a few more hours that it would usually. This doesn't effect the way my makeup looks but what I love about this is that it helps keep my making looking like I have just applied it.

The best setting sprays I have ever used are from Urban Decay, I actually picked up two new bottles for just £7 each recently as they have revamped the packaging but I wasn't too fussed about having the old packaging for a little while longer. The All Nighter Setting Spray is a holy grail product for me. This is a super fine mist which will lock my makeup in place for at least 16 hours! I usually have trouble with my makeup settling into my smile lines but this ensures that this doesn't happen and my makeup never looks heavy when I use this.

One of the new setting sprays in my makeup bag is the De-Slick from Urban Decay. This will help control any access oil and keep the skin looking matte whereas the All Nighter doesn't effect how my makeup looks on its own. I like to use this when I am having a oily skin day and with a matte foundation, I know this is going to work wonders in the Summer time! This does the same things as the All Nighter but it doesn't leave my makeup last quite as long as the All Nighter does.

The next two are actual setting sprays as they don't tend to make my makeup last any longer but I do recommend having a product like this in your collection. I picked up the Tony Moly Moist Mist from TK Maxx recently mainly because the packaging was too cute to resist but I have been really enjoying this even though I can't stand the name. I like to use this before makeup or on no makeup days to refresh the skin. This gives the skin a natural dewy finish to the skin which is great to use if you apply a little too much powder one day and need a quick fix before heading out the door!

My absolute favourite product at the moment is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and I use it for so many different uses. This has been my go-to product to spritz on the skin before applying any makeup as it is great for balancing the skin while being slightly moisturising. I also like to spritz this all over the skin after I have applied my makeup as it makes everything look a little more natural and it is great for refreshing the skin throughout the day. With many of my metallic eyeshadows, I like to apply them with a damp brush for added intensity so I will spritz this on my brushes too!

What is your favourite setting spray?


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