Sleek Brow Intensity

One of my favourite budget brands is Sleek, their eyeshadow palettes are some of my favourites from the high street. A while back they released the Brow Intensity which I have been using quite a bit since! I love how many things this one product can do and it doesn't take up too much room in your makeup bag.
Sleek Brow Intensity
Sleek Brow Intensity
The Sleek Brow Intensity is available in five different shades and I have been using the Dark option which is a great match for my brows. This product has a unique brush in that it also has a tapered sponge tip which you can use to define and sculpt the brows and then use the spoolie to comb through the brows to keep them in place. It also has a creamy twist up highlighter on the other end so you can completely do your brows with just one product. I love how multipurpose this product is and it is going to be great when I go on holiday in a couple of months as its essentially three products in one!

I must admit, this product did take some getting used to but once I got the hang on of it, I love the results! The sponge tip is what I use to fill in my brows and slightly extend the tail of the brow before going in with the spoolie brush to comb through and lock the hairs into the place. The product itself has microfibers in which adhere to the skin and create natural-looking fullness and definition to the brows. Once applied, it is very long lasting and is smudge-proof which I love as I am always touching my face.

The highlighter is in a twist up triangular shape bullet and is a cream formula. I like to apply this directly under the brows and then blend it out with one of the micro beauty blenders and it adds brightness and helps define the arches of the brow. I love trying new and unique products for the brows, I do get a bit bored of the same old products!

The Sleek Brow Intensity retails for £8.50 - HERE.

This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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