Why Everybody Needs a Beauty Blender

If there as one makeup tool I would recommend everybody has in their makeup bag, it's a beauty blender. While many brands have tried to create their own versions and many are similar, nothing compares to the original. This little teardrop-shaped sponge has completely changed my foundation and concealer applications and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't use one. I don't ever see myself using a makeup brush again!Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
The reason why I love the original beauty blender so much for foundation and concealer applications in particular, is for the flawless and natural finish it gives the skin. I have a lot of discolouration and acne so getting high coverage is essential for me and these makes it so easy to achieve! I never find my foundation to look heavy on the skin no matter what product I use when I apply it with my beauty blender or to be left with lines or streaks on my face, it always leaves my skin looking natural and dewy. I have used it with liquid foundations and ones with a moussey texture and it applies both brilliantly. I found when I was using a brush to cover my breakouts, it would leave the skin looking so heavy but switching over to the blender made a world of difference! 

How the beauty blender sponge works is by gently bouncing the blender against your face, stippling on the foundation, it will blend the foundation beautifully without changing the skins texture and leaving the skin looking smooth. I like to use the larger base for applying foundation to the cheeks, forehead and chin then take the pointed end to apply it around the nose and under the eyes. I also use the pointed end to apply concealer under my eyes if I am in a hurry and don't have my micro blenders to hand. If I ever apply too much product to the face, the sponge really helps blend and distribute it, with a brush it would leave the skin looking extremely heavy and cakey. 

One of the most important things to do with your beauty blender before use is to dampen it, you can see from the image above how much it grows in size when damp and I always find it to work so much better damp and I have never found it to suck up too much product. It is very easy to clean too, I do prefer to use the solid cleanser from the company as I find it to be the most effective at removing dirt and makeup residue. You will need to replace your sponge very few months but it is the best £16 you could ever spend. 

While it does an amazing job at applying foundation, if I ever mess up many of my makeup while putting on my eye shadow, I will take my beauty blender and go over the area and it acts like a magic eraser, if I ever notice my foundation to start caking up in areas, again I will just take my damp beauty blender (with no product on) and it corrects it in seconds! I have also used mine to apply powder under the eyes to bake, I have contoured with it and even applied blush - it can do so many things, I even use it to touch up throughout the day! 


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