Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub

I am such a big fan of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range and when I had a bad experience at the hairdressers as a teenager, this range completely saved my hair! I had never tried a scalp scrub before and it had really caught my attention, I always love trying new hair products and as I love the brand, I already knew I was going to be a fan and it hasn't disappointed! 
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub
This Hair Growth Scalp Scrub from Lee Stafford is perfect for hair that never grows past a certain length and is going to help increase root productivity to help hair grow longer.  It will also help remove product built up and pollution clearing the way for healthier hair. It has a nourishing formula and is to be used as a pre-wash treatment. I like to use it once a week or whenever I need to remove product build up. While it is going to exfoliate the roots of the hair, it will also soothe and moisturise the scalp.  

To use this scrub, you apply it directly in to wet roots before shampooing and then gently massage it into the scalp and leave on for around three minutes. They also recommend that you follow up with the Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, if you are trying to grow your hair and it just won't get past a certain length naturally, this whole range works absolute wonders! This scrub comes in a 100ml tube for £8.99, you can get a good few uses out of this scrub but you do need to use quite a bit for each application. 

I have to say, I do really like this scrub! I had never used one before so I wasn't too sure what to expect but it great to remove product build up, I have been using hair spray quite a lot recently and I had noticed it to build up in the roots and this removes all the excess within minutes. Even though it does scrub at the roots, it doesn't leave the scalp or hair feeling dry or stripped of moisture. I love how lightweight my hair feels after I use this, I have very long hair so this is a big plus for me! It has a lovely scent too, it smells the same as the rest of the Hair Growth range. 

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub is £8.99 - HERE.


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