OSMO Colour Save Hair Care Range

I had never tried or heard of OSMO hair products until a few weeks ago and I have been really enjoying using them and had such a great experience from them! As someone who dyes their hair every month or two, I need a good selection of products to help prevent my hair colour from fading and these three are fantastic.
OSMO Colour Save
OSMO Colour Save
OSMO Colour Save
The shampoo is slightly thicker than what I am used to and a little goes a long way. The shampoo and conditioner are free from sulphates and salts while containing the Osmo Anti-Fade System. It also contains UV filters for protection against sun damage and heat styling while removing dulling residues to help the hair strengthen and feel smoother. The conditioner is very moisturising and hydrating on the mids-ends of the hair which is great for my hair as it is on the dryer side from the daily heat styling I put it through. The conditioner has best results when left on for 3-5 minutes to lock in the moisture.

I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner every day for a few weeks now and I love the effects it has on my hair. My hair is left hydrated and healthy while looking smoother than it has done in a while. I was worried that these would weigh my hair down as I have stupidly long hair which is pretty heavy already but they leave my hair feeling lightweight every time! The conditioner injects the perfect amount of hydration into my hair without leaving it feeling sticky or left with any residue in.

The Colour Radiance Mask is what I have been using once or twice a week when my hair needs a boost. It has been formulated with a UV filter, extract of Rose Absolute and Linseed Oil to reduce colour fade while nourishing and smoothing the hair for maximum light reflection. My favourite way to use this mask is to use it on the mids-ends of my hair for around 10 minutes before rinsing and using in place of my conditioner on the days I use this mask.

Recently, I redyed my hair to cover up my roots and top up the colour through the top of my hair as it had faded quite a lot. As I do dye my hair regularly almost black, I do notice it to fade quite quickly from daily washing and from the sun, I have been incredibly impressed with this range! I started using the shampoo and conditioner from the first wash after dying my hair and I didn't notice any of the colour to rinse out during shampooing and my hair is still as dark as it is immediately after dyeing it and it has been around two weeks now! If you dye your hair regularly and suffer from the colour fading quickly, I can't recommend these products enough!

The OSMO Colour Save Hair Care Range is available from Feel Unique - HERE.


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