Pixie Lott Paint Glitter Sprays // Festival Hair

With festival season right around the corner, its time to get your outfits, hair and makeup sorted! Whenever I have gone to festivals I have the best intentions but always end up looking a hot mess but with these hair sprays - my hair is going to look fantastic if I do say so myself! Pixie Lott Paint Glitter Sprays
Pixie Lott Paint Glitter Sprays
I have always loved Pixie Lott's hair and I was pretty excited to hear about her hair products, I have seen her live so many times at festivals. These are the Pixie Lott Paint Glitter Sprays, they are available in three different shades and I have been playing around with the Metallic Silver Glitter as well as the Pastel Pink Glitter. I have always loved the look of pastel hair but because I have almost black hair, many of the temporary colours and sprays don't work for me so I was interested to see how much they would show up on my hair.

These have been designed with festival season in mind and can help add some fun to your hair in just a couple of seconds. I must say I have been really impressed with both of these as I really didn't know if they would show up on my hair but it is very noticeable! These add so much glitter to the hair while adding a sheer light colour coverage, it looks amazing on lighter hair colours as well as on my my almost black hair. I have been playing around these on my roots and it looks very cool, they also look amazing on your hair when you have your hair in a bun to add a little something extra.

These do also have a hair spray element to them so they will also help keep your hair in place throughout the day! With glitter roots being a huge festival trend at the moment, these would be perfect to help achieve that. You could even use one of these in combinaton with some chucker glitter and spraying one of these over the top to keep keep it all in place while adding some extra sparkle!

The Pixie Lott Paint Glitter Sprays retail for £3.99 at Superdrug - HERE.


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