Three Dry Shampoos to Try

I never used to use dry shampoo as I usually wash my hair every day but lately, I have been a little lazy! These three dry shampoos are what I have been alternating between and I do have a favourite out of them but there is one for very price point whether you are looking to splurge or are on a budget!
Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo
The Revlon Uniq 1 Dry Shampoo comes in a few different sizes and the 300ml size retails for £7.99 at Just My Look. This dry shampoo has a lovely fresh scent which does linger in the hair, I love this as I always like when my hair smells amazing! The only issue I have this is that it does have a very strong white cast and when you have almost black hair it is a bit of a pain but it does disappear once you start to rub it in and brush it out. This does leave my hair feeling super clean and looking much cleaner. 

The CoLab Dry Shampoo's are massively hyped about and available at Superdrug. I picked up one of the travel sizes and I do really like it. They are available in a few different scents and the Monaco option as a fresh scent and claims to be sheer and invisible. It definitely has less of a white cast than the Revlon one but when you have black hair, you can really notice it. However, it did disappear very quickly and left my hair feel so clean and as if I had given it a quick wash! 

The real star of the show is the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo which pains me as Oribe is a very expensive brand. This has such an incredible scent and is completely invisible on my dark hair. This makes my hair feel so clean and adds so much volume without leaving any texture in my roots. I was quite poorly this last weekend and didn't have the energy to wash my hair for about four days (gross, I know) at this saved my hair! This is just something about this that makes it love it so much more than the other two dry shampoos. 

All of the three dry shampoos leave my hair full of volume and feeling super clean however the Oribe does do the best job from trying out all these for a few weeks. All of the three dry shampoos are available in travel sizes as well as bigger size options so you can try out the Oribe for a much cheaper price.


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