Vichy Skincare & Makeup Favourites

I love Vichy products, I don't think I have found a product yet that I don't like! My skin can be a little tricky as sometimes it can react badly to a product I have been using for months or it can turn a little sensitive but I can always trust Vichy with my skin! These are my favourite products from Vichy that I have tried so far and would recommend if you haven't tried them before. 
Vichy Skincare & Makeup Favourites
Vichy Skincare & Makeup Favourites
Vichy Skincare & Makeup Favourites
As I have acne prone skin, it comes with texture and a lot of discolouration and a lot of foundations just can't seem to cover it. I love the Dermablend line from Vichy and the Fluid Corrective Foundation, as well as the 3D Correction Foundation are great for acne prone skin. The Fluid Corrective Foundation is a thinner liquid foundation which makes it so easy to achieve high coverage and a lightweight feel and look to the skin. It can cover anything and everything from acne and discolouration to dark circles. It has an SPF35 and will last on the skin for up to 16 hours.

While I love both of the Dermablend foundations from Vichy, the 3D Correction Foundation is the one I grab the most as it makes the skin look smoother, when you have acne you will know how much texture you can get and this makes the skin look as if it has been resurfaced. This has slightly better coverage than the other foundation and has a natural looking finish with an SPF 25. I have noticed that this foundation always keeps my skin looking matte throughout the day, I really like this as I do have slightly oily skin.

The Idealia line from Vichy is one of my all-time favourite skincare lines and I can't wait to try out a few more products from the range soon. I have gone through so many of the Idealia Skin Sleep and it is such a great product! This gives the skin a good nights sleep even if you only get a few hours and I always wake up to refreshed looking skin and a slightly radiant complexion. I also notice this to work wonders for my acne too as each time I use this I wake up to slightly less redness and spots. The newest product to the Idealia range is the Idealia Peeling, this is an overnight peel which helps the skin renew for a refreshed, refined and even complexion by the morning. This is basically the Pixi Glow Tonic with a better scent and gentle on the skin. My skin loves this product and by using this and the Skin Sleep, it couldn't look any better!

My final favourite from Vichy is the Mineralizing Thermal Water Spray. This is a must have product for hot days as it is very refreshing and cooling on the skin, you can even use it to help set your makeup! It is very hydrating and soft on the skin and will help product against environmental aggressors. It can also be used both morning and night to complete your cleansing routine.

All of these products and anything else from Vichy, is available - HERE.


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