Christian BRETON Lifting & Firming Masks

I am a sheet mask junkie and I hadn't tried anything from Christain BRETON and these were the perfect introduction! Both of these were made in Korea and I am obsessed with their skincare products so I did have high hopes for these and they didn't disappoint me in the slightest!
Christian BRETON Lifting & Firming Masks

Christian BRETON Lifting & Firming Masks
Christian BRETON Lifting & Firming Masks The Christian Breton Lifting & Firming range includes two different masks, the Facial Patches Masks and the Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks. Inside each of the boxes is three sets of the masks so you do get a little more product for your money. The reason I love sheet masks so much is because I always notice results after using them and they are so much quicker and less messy to apply and remove. 

The Lifting & Firming Facial Patches Masks have been enriched with Powerful Collagen and Calming Plant Extract of Orchid. These masks are going to help the skin appear firmer and lifted while smoothing the surface and leaving the skin feeling softer than ever. These have so many great ingredients to provide long-lasting results for the skin. What is really great about these masks is that each sheet as been infused with one bottle of 20ml serum and they are safe to use on all skin types and are paraben free. These can be used once or twice a week and are to be applied to cleansed skin and left on the skin for 20-25 minutes. 

I have been using these masks whenever my skin needs a hydration boost as they are very nourishing on the skin. I would have to say that those with maturer skin would really like these as my skin left much firmer after use. Becuase each sheet is well saturated, they actually stay on the skin so you can actually do things around the house without having to worry about it falling off! What I have been doing with these is popping on into the fridge for about ten minutes before use to have a cooling effect on the skin, perfect for those hot summer evenings to refresh the skin! 

The Hydrogel Eye Contour Masks are a new favourite of mine and I can't wait to get my hands on more! These have been enriched with Collagen and Sea Algae and will help the under eye appear firmer and lifted as well as looking fresher and smoothing the skin's surface. These are to be left on the skin for about 20-25 minutes and I like to pop them on while I do my hair so once the time is up, I can go ahead and apply my makeup. These made my undereye area look so much smoother and brighter, almost radiant looking. They also helped hydrate under the eyes too. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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