Elegant Touch Express Nails

Elegant Touch are my absolute favourite false nail brand, I have been wearing and using their products for years now. These are the brand new Express nails for Spring/Summer 2017 and are available in some really gorgeous colours and designs. I love how quick and easily these are to apply and be out the door, I am going to stash a set away for my holiday at the end of July!
Elegant Touch Express Nails
Elegant Touch Express Nails
Elegant Touch Express Nails
Elegant Touch Express Nails
The Elegant Touch Express Nails couldn't be any easier or quicker to apply! These are perfect to get your nails on trend with minutes. The reason these nails are different than any of the others from Elegant Touch is because they are pre-glued and ready to apply as soon as you've prepped your nails. Inside the box you get 24 pre-glued nails in ten different sizes as well as a Nail File and a Prep Wipe, they give you everything you need to apply these nails! And as these are fake nails, you don't have to worry about them chipping! The Spring/Summer 2017 collection consists of two different selection, the Polished nails and the Trend nails which have designs on them. The nails included in this collection are:

- Iridescent Lilac: a stunning shimmy lilac with a holographic/iridescent finish (Polish)
- Cornflower Blue: a brighter blue nail (Polish)
- Neon Roses: a rose embroidery print with neon colours (Trend)
- Pink Foil: a pink, black and blue marble design with a high shine finish (Trend)
- Deep Navy: Sultry dark navy nails (Polish)
- Pastel Pink: a classic feminine pink (Polish)

These couldn't be any easier to apply, you could probably have both of your hands done within five minutes or less! All you have to do is pull the tab off the back of the nail and press onto prepped nails! These nails create no mess and are incredible comfortable to wear. These are twice as flexible as many other fake nails and feel more like a natural nail than anything I have used before. They do hold up well on the nails but if one pops off I do usually glue them back on so I can wear them for longer.

I love this collection as you have a great selection of different shades from pastels to deeper shades and the Trend nails are gorgeous! The Iridescent Lilac and the Neon Roses are my two favourite designs, I have never found a nail polish with a similar finish or colouring to the Iridescent Lilac before and I just can't stop staring at my nails as the finish is out of this world! I am rubbish at nail art so whenever I want a design, I always go for Elegant Touch and I can imagine the Neon Rose Nails would look stunning with a tan too!

The Elegant Touch Express Nails are available for £7.99 each - HERE.


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