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I always have a hand gel of some sort in my handbag as whenever I am out and about I like to keep my hands as clean as possible. And with the warm weather slowly coming up, it's the perfect time to add a Face Mist to my handbag to refresh throughout the day which is where Merci Handy comes in. I had only tried one product from the brand previously but I have been really enjoying these!
Merci Handy
Merci HandyMerci Handy
The Hand Cleansing Gels are perfect for keeping in your handbag and will be great to have if you are going to any upcoming festivals too. These handbag sized, 30 ml hand gels are available in a few different scent options and I have been using New Wave and Flower Power. Flower Power is more of a floral scent which a slight freshness to it and New Wave has a fresh and invigorating fragrance. The bottles of these hand gels are perfect as they are small so they won't take up too much room in your handbag and can even fit in your pocket.

While these hand gels do have tiny little beads in them, they are actually mircobead free so you don't have to worry! I do really like these gels and I have found myself using New Wave a little more as I am not too keen on floral scents for everyday use and this one is not only in my favourite colour of blue but it has such a great scent for anyone to use! I don't find these to be overly drying on my hands and they always leave the skin feeling soft without any residue or discomfort. 

Launching in stores in the UK this month are the Refreshing Face Mists. These mists are available in three scent options and I have been testing out Hello Sunshine and Flower Power, both of which I am a big fan of. Flower Power has a very light floral scent and Hello Sunshine smells like summer to me! These mists are free from alcohol so they aren't going to be at all drying on the skin and have been Made in France. These are perfect to use for refreshing the skin and using after makeup applications. 

These sprays have such a fine mist, it is only perfect as it never soaks the face which is great for when you use after you have applied your makeup. I know that I am going to be using these so much during the summer and on beach days as they are so refreshing and as they have a hydrating element, it's going to add moisturisation back onto the skin after spending the day out in the sun. These are on the smaller side just like the hand gels and I love the packaging with the white theme and bright colours to match each of the scents. 

You can find Merci Handy products in Topshop and Fenwick stores. 


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