PUR Vanity Palettes (+ Swatches)

As soon as I saw these palettes, I couldn't believe how much of a good idea they were and why nobody had done it before! These palettes are perfect for travelling or if you are always on the go as they have all of your eyeshadows and cheek/face shades all in one place in a gorgeous sleek compact! 
PUR Vanity Palettes
PUR Vanity Palettes PUR Vanity Palettes
Gold Digger Palette Swatched

Dream Chaser Palette Swatched 

Over the past year or so, I have become such a big fan of Pür products and these palettes are like nothing I have in my collection already and will be perfect if you are going on holiday or travel a lot as they have so many uses! The Pür Vanity Palettes retail for £32 each and there is currently two different colour option available. There is the Gold Digger Palette which is more of a brighter palette with shades perfect for evening makeup looks and the Dream Chaser Palette which is my favourite out of the two and perfect for everyday wear. Both of these palettes are free from Parabens and Gluten while also being 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Each of the palettes come in circle compacts and why they are called Vanity Palettes is because the mirror is able to actually be popped up out of the compact and stand up, making makeup application on the go even easier. Each of these palettes has four eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and highlighter, making these palettes perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. The Gold Digger Palette has all of the shadows you could need to create a smokey eye and bold blush and bronzer whereas the Dream Chaser Palette has gorgeous warm peachy tones for the eyes and cheeks. I love all of the shades in this palette and have been using it so much but whenever I want a smokey eye or a bolder blush, I always grab the Gold Digger Palette. I love both of the highlighters in each of the palettes too, I can never have enough highlighter! 

I love the idea of having all of my eyeshadows and cheek products in one place and the palettes are very compact so they isn't going to take up much room in your makeup bag - so much more room for lipsticks! I have been really impressed with the formulations of these powder products as each one is so easy to blend and super soft. Each of the shades has such great pigmentation and apply smoothly to the skin and eyes. I love how in each of the palettes all of the shades for the eyes and cheeks work so well together so you don't have to worry about what works with what!  

You can buy both of these palettes from Feel Unique - HERE.


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