Tropic Mineral Sun Protection

While I am obsessed with SPF, I had never actually tried any mineral SPFs and it wasn't until recently that I actually learnt the difference. Tropic is still a fairly new brand to me as I have only just started trying out their products in the last few months but I do really like these SPFs so far and I know I will get so much use out of them in the next few months as well. Tropic Mineral Sun Protection
Tropic Mineral Sun Protection
Tropic Mineral Sun Protection
Tropic Mineral Sun Protection
Before I get started with my review of these products, the world of mineral sun protection is still very new to me and I have been doing my research but please make sure you do it yourself to make sure you know all of the facts and can find out what is best for your skin. The main different between chemical and mineral SPFs is that Mineral SPFs will actually sit on the skin and act as a mirror to reflect the sun's rays to protect exposed skin. If you want to learn a bit more, I found THIS site to be really helpful. Now, onto the review! All three of the products featured in this post are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Tropic have recently launched a few new Mineral Sun Protection products that I have been trying out for the past month or so. The first one I have been using is the Skin Shade Mineral Sun Protection which retails for £28. This product is available in three different SPF levels, 15, 30 and 50 (I have the SPF 30 option). This is one of the lighter SPFs I have used and has a milkier texture and blends well onto the skin and feels pretty comfortable on the skin. This is a Broad Spectrum, UVA and UBV protection while being free from toxic chemicals and is kinder to the environment. This is what I have been using on my body to protect against sun damage and I haven't had any issues with it. I really like that it has a velvety finish on the skin. 

The Tinted Skin Shade Facial Sun Protection with SPF 50 has been what I have mainly been using on no makeup days when I know I am going to be exposed to the sun. This is available in two shade options, Light/Medium (this is the one I have) as well as Medium Dark. I love products that help give the skin a hint of colour and a sheer coverage as I have a lot of skin issues so this is great to give myself a little confidence boost on those makeup free days. This has been on the more hydrating side too which is a great bonus. And just like the previous product, it is lightweight on the skin. 

The final product I think is actually my favourite which is the is the SPF 50 Sun Balm. This is to be used on those areas which are prone to burning, for me that's my shoulders, forehead and nose. For some reason, one side of my forehead will burn so much easier than the rest of my face so I like that this has a high SPF and while it is a balm, I don't find it to be heavy on the skin. This is the perfect product to keep in your handbag too so you can apply it throughout the day. 

All three of these products are available - HERE. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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