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After I tried out the Express Tan from Skinny Tan, I knew I had to try out even more from the brand! I have been putting more products from the brand to the test and I haven't been disappointed. If you are wanting to get tan for summer without sun damage, definitely check out Skinny Tan!Skinny Tan
Skinny Tan Skinny Tan
Before you go ahead and apply your fake tan, you need to make sure you have prepped the skin well. The Exfoliating Prep Mitt is perfect to get you started. This is a double sided mitt that will ensure the skin is soft and smooth ready to tan! The brown side can be used for a gentle exfoliation to help remove dead, dull skin cells to make sure that the tan applies to a smooth surface and the orange side has a professional level of dermabrasion tough enough to remove excess tanning from palms, ankles, knees and elbows. I absolutely love this mitt! I have been using it quite a bit and it comes in so handy as I am not perfect at applying my tan just yet.

The Pre Tan Primer isn't a product I ever thought I needed until I started using it! This is the perfect product to help prep the skin before you tan. It will remove any dry or dead skin cells as it has crushed walnut shell within it and helps achieve the perfect finish to your fan. This is to be used a few hours before you apply your tan, not immediately before. The best way to use this product is in the bath or shower, paying extra attention to any drier areas. This is going to help make sure that you don't get a streaky tan and as it will exfoliate the skin, it will also make your tan last longer. This retails for £9.99 but is currently on offer for £6.59 at Superdrug.

I will never apply any fake tan now without my Skinny Tan Dual Tanning Mitt. This is possibly the best tanning mitt I have ever used! It is a double sided velvet super soft mitt and I have noticed that I get a much more even and streak free tan whenever I use this. It is super easy to clean too, you can either wash it with warm water or pop it into the washing machine before drip drying. Skinny Tan also make specific mitts just for the face and they have a Roller Applicator which looks so cool and I will definitely be trying that out soon.

I have been using the Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan for a while now and I am a huge fan! This can be left on the skin for one, two or three hours depending on how deep of a tan you are after. I love mousse tans as I find them much easier to apply than a liquid and this one doesn't dry too quickly so you have some time to be able to evenly blend it to ensure you don't get a patchy or streaky tan. It doesn't feel sticky on the skin and only takes a couple of minutes before it has dried so you don't have to wait around for too long. If I am not looking for an instant dark tan, I like to use the Gradual Tanner. This is a white body butter cream with lower levels of natural tanning active so you can apply it daily until you have the shade you prefer. I haven't had any streaks since I started using this on my legs and it gives the skin a lovely tan while leaving it feeling hydrated.

The After Glow Gloss is hydrating on the skin as it has been enriched with Sunflower and Coconut oil and gives the skin a high shine finish to enhance any tan. This works without any glitter, I am so happy there isn't any in this product as I don't always like to look like a disco ball! I have been really liking using this on my legs to give them a little boost when wearing dresses or shorts.

If you couldn't already tell, I am a huge Skinny Tan fan! All of the products smell incredible, they say it is a delicious coconut scent and the products don't irritate my skin. All of the products are cruelty-free, free from parabens and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Skinny Tan is a proud member of PETA. Of course, you will still need to apply your regular SPFs to prevent sun damage. Skinny Tan is stocked at Feel Unique and Superdrug.


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