Blistex Lip Balms

I am never without a lip balm, I have one stashed away everywhere from my handbag to my desk to by bedside cabinet. There is nothing worse than dry lips and what I found with a lot of lip balms I have used before is that they would actually dry out my lips rather than having long term hydrating effects. But with Blistex, my lips have never been softer! 
Blistex Lip Balms
Blistex Lip Balms
Blistex Lip Balms
Blistex Lip Balms
Blistex is a very affordable brand with so many different lip balms to choose from. Whether you want a flavoured lip balm with SPF or a super intense, nourishing balm, Blistex has you covered! I really like that almost all of the lip balms from the brand have SPF in as I always forget to use an SPF on my lips and once you have had sun burnt lips, you will never want it to happen again as it is one of the most painful experiences ever. The seven lip balms I own from Blistex are:

- Daily Lip Conditioner (SPF 15)
- MedPlus (SPF 15)
- Happy Lips Strawberry (SPF 15)
- Happy Lips Mango (SPF 15)
- Lip Brillance in Blushing (SPF 15)
- Intensive Moisturiser Cherry (SPF 15)
- Intensive Moisturiser (SPF 10)

For day to day lip hydration, I love to use the Daily Lip Conditioner as well as the Happy Lips and the Lip Brilliance. These balms are still very hydrating on the lips and add instant comfort but sometimes I do need something a little more intense. The Happy Lips never leave my handbag as I love that they have such delicious scents/flavours as well as having a great SPF I don't have to worry about burning my lips during the summer.  I really like that the Lip Brilliance Blushing Lip Balm has a tint of a gorgeous rosy glow as I then don't have to worry about applying another lip product over the top. Each of these lip balms keep my lips topped up with hydrating while feeling soft and comfortable throughout the wear.

During the winter especially, my lips get incredibly chapped and uncomfortable, I can't tell you how many tubes and pots of the Blistex lip balms I go through! The MedPlus is an absolute life saver for dry lips as it gives the lips instant comfort but it also gives the lips a cooling sensation. I like to use this lip balm throughout the day as it isn't heavy on the lips and I can still use products over the top. Most nights, I will use the Intensive Moisturisers from Blistex as these are my heavy duty lip balms! The reason I always use these as part of my night time routine is that I know I will always wake up to softer and more hydrated lips whenever I use these and I find them to be much longer lasting.

Blistex is available at Superdrug - HERE.


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