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With the Summer now here, at least for a week or so knowing British weather, it's time to get the sunglasses out! I have never had a nice pair of sunglasses and these are definitely something I would recommend investing it now that I own an amazing quality pair. I think people often forget that they need to protect their eyes from the sun, not just their skin! 
Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56)
Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56)Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56)
Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56)
While the WatchShop.com is mainly known, at least to me, for stocking so many amazing watch brands, they now have a huge range of sunglasses - just in time for Summer. I spent around an hour going through the site to pick out my favourite pair and I am so happy with the choice that I made. They stock sunglasses for men and women and just a few of the brands stocked are:

- Ray Ban
- Lacoste
- Versace
- Emporio Armani

The site is really easy to use to find the perfect pair for you as you can actually refine your search, not only by brand but also by the shape. I always go for slightly oversized sunglasses as I have a big head. These are the Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56), they are a classic style that anybody could wear and as they are black, they can go with almost any outfit! When you order from the WatchShop.com, they offer free UK delivery on this pair and they will arrive within 1-3 days - I LOVE quick delivery! They also usually have a discount code available too so you can save a few extra pennies! 

These sunglasses are high quality as you would expect from the brand and come with a one-year guarantee. Each pair of these sunglasses come with a gorgeous, soft sunglasses case to keep them protected while in your handbag as well as with the documentation included inside the case. The sunglasses themselves are very comfortable to wear and I find that they sit on my nose well and I never have to worry about them falling off my face. 

This pair of sunglasses has a lighter tint which I like as you can still see your eyes through them and the tint is great as I can see well on those bright summer days without everything looking so dark. The shape is my favourite style as they as still square but slightly rounded which I find to be the most flattering for my face shape. These sunglasses are actually listed under the Cat Eye category. I love the detailing on the arms of the sunglasses with the simple brand name but I love the little accent on the corner of the brand logo, I love little touches like this that make them feel much more luxurious. 

The Emporio Armani Ladies Sunglasses (EA4060-50178G-56) retail for £106 - HERE.


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