Dr Teals Lavender Soaking Salt Solution

I have been loving having a bath at the moment and these are a new favourite product to use. I have been wanting to try out Dr Teals for a while now after hearing one of my favourite YouTubers raving about the brand and I have been so impressed! I definitely want to try out a few more products soon. 
Dr Teals Lavender Soaking Salt Solution
Dr Teals Lavender Soaking Salt Solution
The Dr Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Lavender is what I have been using most evenings to have a bath and relax before heading to bed. I have been having a few issues with falling asleep lately and these have been so helpful, I love anything with Lavender! These have been combined with Epsom Salt and have so many benefits and uses, I didn't realise just how many! I can't believe I have never used something like this before but I will definitely be purchasing this myself as soon as I have run out as I have been really enjoying using it. A few of the benefits and uses are as a:

- Facial Exfoliator
- Hair Volumizer
- Post shower spa treatment
- Bee sting remedy
- Sunburn relief
- Splinter remedy
- Soothes sore muscles

I have been using this under running water in my bath and adding a little bit of bubble bath. They dissolve so quickly into the water and leave the bathroom smelling incredible yet relaxing. These bath salts contain Pure Epsom Salt is known to revitalise tired, achy muscles and refresh skin's appearance as well as luxurious essential oils to soothe the sense and provide relief from stress. And of course, it has a Lavender essence that is known for promoting a better night's sleep. 

Not only do these bath salts help me sleep better at night but they have also been making my skin incredibly soft and smooth, especially after shaving my legs - I couldn't believe it! I always forget to moisturise the skin so I love using bath products that moisturise the skin without me having to remember to do so afterwards. I do get some slight aches in my ankles and hips, years of Ballet didn't help and these are so soothing and helps ease the ache better than anything else I have tried! My sister got pretty badly sunburnt last week and she used these in the bath and her skin was relieved of pain and comforted. 

The Dr Teals Lavender Soaking Salt Solution retails for £7.99 - HERE.


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