Garnier 96% Natural Origins Honey Flower Skincare

Garnier is one of the best budget skincare brands and I love so many of their products but I had never tried this range before! I love trying out new skin care at the moment so these products couldn't have arrived at a better time, all of the products smell amazing too!
Garnier 97% Natural Origins Honey Flower Skincare
Garnier 97% Natural Origins Honey Flower Skincare Garnier 97% Natural Origins Honey Flower Skincare
Garnier 97% Natural Origins Honey Flower Skincare
The Garnier Skin Active Nourishing Botanical range with Honey Flower has been designed with dry to very dry skin in mind. All of the products in this range have ingredients from 96% natural origin and each of the products has no Parabens, Silicones or artificial colourants. There are four products in the range and I have been testing them out for the past month or so and I have been really liking them so far, you really can't beat Garnier skin care if you are on a budget. 

The Nourishing Botanic Cleansing Milk with Honey Flower from the range is to be used with a cotton pad to remove makeup, I like to use this product on minimal makeup days as I do like to usually go heavy on my eye makeup and that can be a little harder to remove. This is very nourishing on the skin and doesn't irritate my skin at all while I am removing my makeup. This does a great a job at removing my makeup as part of my evening skincare routine and it leaves my skin feeling so comfortable afterwards. To follow up after the cleansing milk, I like to use the Nourishing Botanical Gel Wash with Honey Flower. This removes all impurities and pollution from the skin without drying out the skin in the slightest, this whole range is so comforting on the skin. I really like that the packaging features a pump as it makes it so much easier to use. 

The Nourishing Botanical Toner with Honey Flower is what I have been using after removing my makeup and cleansing in the evening. This is a great added step in my skincare routine to make sure that my skin is well cleansed and locks in extra hydration. I have also used with a few times as part of my morning routine too. The Botanical Day Cream with Honey Flower really surprised me. I was expecting this to be a little heavy on the skin because it is for very dry skin types but it is fairly lightweight and sinks in so quickly. It leaves my skin feeling immediately comfortable and my skin has been so much softer since I introduced this to my morning routine. 

You can find the Garnier Honey Flower Skincare range - HERE.


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