Lee Stafford AiR DRy Haircare

I don't know about you but I just can't be bothered to blow dry my hair in the summer. I have really thick and stupidly long hair so it takes forever to dry my hair so these products couldn't have arrived at a better time! I am a huge Lee Stafford fan, I have used his hair care and electric products for years so I was so excited to put these to the test!
Lee Stafford AiR DRy Haircare
Lee Stafford AiR DRy Haircare Lee Stafford AiR DRy Haircare
The Lee Stafford Air (or Blow/Blast) Dry range includes two products that I have been obsessed with as they give me the results of blow dried hair without having to actually blow dry it. These products have been saving me so much time in the morning, hooray for spending more time in bed! I wash my hair every day because I can't stand out it feels if I don't and if I leave it to dry naturally it will either never dry or it will be very textured which I can't stand. These products for life savers and are even coming on holiday with me in a few days as I can't be without them. Both of these products retail for £7.99 each but they are currently on an introductory offer for £5.33 each so if you did want to try them, now would be your chance! 

The Air (or Blast) Dry Foam is perfect for all hair types a has a lightweight, non-crispy formulation. This is a foam based product that helps add volume while reducing frizz and enhancing natural texture for hair that has a flawless finish without any hassle. This can also be used with a hair dryer if needed to speed up the drying time. As my hair is pretty much poker straight naturally, I found this actually worked better on my Sisters hair who has a little bit of a wave to it. It really makes a difference at controlling frizz and leaves the hair feeling super soft. This is to be used from root to tip on wet hair and you will need 2/3 pumps. I loved how much volume this did add to my hair in the roots as my hair is as flat as a pancake. 

The other product in this line is the Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite. This is a new favourite of mine and I have been using it most days since it arrived. This is a light cream formula to help enhance your natural hair so you can wash it and leave it. It also doubles as a blow dry lotion as it contains heat protection to shield against heat damage. I like to take a 20p size amount through the mids to ends of my hair and leave it to dry naturally. This makes my hair incredibly soft and smooth and controls any frizz or flyaways I would have normally. I have also noticed this to make my hair dry so much faster, before I started using this my hair would probably take six hours to dry naturally but it will be completely dry within an hour or two now! 

The Lee Stafford Air Dry Products are available at Boots - HERE


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