Must Have Summer Hair Care (+ Speeding Up Drying Time!)

I wash my hair every day, I know it's 'bad' for my hair but I have never had any issues and this is just what works for me - I wish I didn't have to as I am too lazy! And during the summer, there is nothing worse than having to blow dry your hair on a hot morning but some of these products help massively speed up the drying time while trying to keep it soft, hydrated and protected against UV damage.
Must Have Summer Hair Care
Must Have Summer Hair Care
As I wash my hair everyday, I do use a lot of heat on it and as it is on the drier side, oils are my best friend to lock in the moisture. To keep my hair soft and glossy, I have been using the Palmer's Coconut Oil Dry Oil Mist. This is so nourishing on the mids to ends of my hair and never leaves my hair feeling heavy. I like to spritz this onto damp hair before blow drying. The only other product I use to specifically hydrate my hair is the Wella Professionals Fusion Hair Mask, I actually use with every other day as a conditioner to give my hair a boost. This leaves my hair smelling amazing while being super soft, glossy and hydrated without weighing it down. Finding products that don't weigh my hair down are so important as my hair is super long and thick so I need to make it feel as lightweight as possible. 

My hair is so long and thick so brushing it is sometimes a challenge and super painful with a normal hair brush. I couldn't be without a Tangle Teezer now, I have a few but my favourite is The Ultimate Hairbrush. Using a Tangle Teezer makes brushing my hair pain free and it makes it so easy to untangle. I use this on my hair wet and dry and it makes brushing my hair actually enjoyable. This is the same great hair brush as the others from the brand but it has a handle that makes it so much easier to brush my super long hair. I have also noticed my hair to be a lot less damaged since I started using a Tangle Teezer. 

My favourite shampoo at the moment is the Sexy Hair Daily Detox Shampoo with Activated Charcoal. This shampoo is safe for colour treated hair and since I have started using this my colour hasn't faded at all, I am so happy about that as my hair colour usually fades a tonne within the first few weeks of dyeing it. This shampoo helps remove any product build-up in the roots without stripping the hair of hydration. It makes my roots especially look glossy and my hair always feels squeaky clean! As we are in the middle of summer, it's not only important to keep our skin protected against sun damage but also our hair. A few brands have SPFs for the hair and scalp, I picked one up from Superdrug but Boots also have one, the Soltan Invisible Cooling Head & Hair Suncare SPF 30 Spray. This is a transparent SPF so you don't have to worry if you have dark hair like I do about getting a white cast.

To speed my the blow dry time I like to use the Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Cream. This takes off so many minutes when it comes to blow drying my hair and I am so thankful for this as there is nothing worse than having to blow dry your hair in the summer! This has a non-greasy formula and also products heat protection for up to 230 degrees. If you have never tried an Aquis Hair Towel, you need to invest as it is a game changer when it comes to hair care! I have a Lisse Luxe Hair Towel in Grey Chevron. This hair towel makes my hair dry so much quicker as the towel itself absorbs so much water out of your hair, my hair only takes about 10 minutes to blow dry now I have started using this! It keeps my hair free from frizz and can even help prevent added damage to the hair. 

My favourite summer hair care product has to be the Lee Stafford Dehumidifier Spray, I have used this for years! I have poker straight hair and this acts as an umbrella for my hair to make sure that my hair doesn't get frizzy in humid temperatures. This is so lightweight on the hair and I always spray it before heading out the door. I have a mini size of this at the moment so it is definitely coming on holiday with me! 


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