Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

When these polishes launched a few months ago, everybody went mad for them but I had missed out on picking them up. Fast forward a few months, I was browsing through the Very website and I spotted them so I had to order them! They are now back in stock at a few different retailers so I thought it would make sense to finally review them.
Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo
Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo
Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo
Swatched: Dream Dust and Rainbow Wishes 

These two nail polishes have to be two of the prettiest nail polishes I have ever owned! The Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn is back in stock at a tonne of retailers so you can get your hands on it once again! I do think it is a good deal as for £15 you get two nail polishes and Nails Inc polishes are usually £15 for just one. This duo includes two limited edition nail polishes, both with high shine and long -lasting formulations. The two nail polishes included are:

- Dream Dust: a soft sheen lavender with blue undertones/shift
- Rainbow Wishes: a pink shimmer with 3D gold flecks

The bottles of these polishes are one of my favourites, they feel of high quality and the caps twist off which actually makes the polishes easier to apply. I love the outer box the polishes come in too with the holographic unicorns, it definitely made me want to buy these polishes even more. The brushes on these nail polishes are fantastic, it is the perfect thickness to be able to easily coat the same in one swipe without getting any excess onto the skin surrounding the nails.

As I have no polishes like these in my collection, I definitely justified my purchase! Rainbow Wishes is such a stunning shade, it is extremely reflective on the nails and looks even more intense in the sunlight. I can usually get away with just one coat of this polish but I do like to apply two just in case. As Rainbow Wishes is a shimmer polish, I was actually thinking it would be textured but it's as smooth as many of my creme polishes. Dream Dust is on the slightly sheerer side and needed three coats, I didn't mind doing the extra coat as with many shades I have tried similar to this I would have needed many more. This polish shifts to pale pink and baby blue and I can never stop staring at my nails when I wear it.

Both of these polishes dry quickly on the nails and as long as I use a good top coat, these polishes are so long-lasting on the nails. Even without top coat these polishes last for around five days and that is impressive for my nails! These polishes have been called holographic a lot online but they aren't what I would call holographic myself but I am still as obsessed with them as I expected!

The Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo retails for £15 - HERE.


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