Color Wow Hair Cocktails Review

I am always trying out new hair care products as I do put my hair through a lot! I colour it regularly as well as almost daily washing and styling. I have had my eyes on these for a while now and I will be honest, the packaging is what intrigued me but since I have actually tried them for myself, I have been loving the results!
Color Wow Hair Cocktails Review
Color Wow Hair Cocktails Review Color Wow Hair Cocktails Review
There are three Hair Cocktails available from Color Wow and these are to be applied to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning and then style using heat. They are heat-activated hair products that will help address three key problems caused by colour processing. As I colour my hair probably once every six weeks, I am always looking for products to add life back into my hair and these have been doing just that. I like they have launched three different ones as they each do something slightly different to the hair. The three hair cocktails available are:

- Kale Cocktail: for breakage and will help make the hair feel 50% stronger with just one use.
- Coconut Cocktail: for hydrated, straw-like hair and will instantly restore silky fluidity.
- Carb Cocktail: for thin, flat hair and will add mass and volume instantly to the hair. 

I have been using the Kale and Coconut cocktails both separately and together, I didn't realise that you could actually use them together! I have been using about a coin sized amount through the mids to ends of my hair before blow drying for best results. I really like the packaging of these hair cocktails as I have found that even though the formulas are a little runnier than what I was using previously, I never waste any product or pour out too much. 

The Kale Cocktail has been designed specifically to help strengthen the hair so you can grow it longer and suffer from less breakage. I have to say since I have been using this I have noticed that my hair has grown a lot quicker than it normally does! My hair feels so much stronger, especially towards the very ends which are the weakest. The Coconut Cocktail has been keeping my hair free from frizz and looking glossier than ever and super silky! I do struggle sometimes with the softness of my hair and this has been keeping my hair so soft, I can't stop touching it, while also looking much sleeker. 

I really like that these don't weigh the hair down as I already have extremely long hair and these are undetectable in weight to my hair. I have found with a few different hair lotions that I have used before that they make my hair feel sticky but I hadn't had a single issue with these, even if I do apply a little too much I never have to worry! 

The Color Wow Hair Cocktails retail for £22 each at Selfridges - HERE.


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