Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes

I love Real Techniques brushes and have been a fan of them ever since the first launch! These are one of the newer collections from Sam and Nic and is only available at Superdrug. I was really intrigued by these brushes as they are slightly different than anything I have ever used and I have fallen in love with them, I need to get my hands on the set now!
Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes
Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes
Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes
These three brushes are from the MultiTech collection from Real Techniques and they feature one universal cut with limitless ways to play. All of the brushes in this collection feature a tapered point to provide detail and have a mega base to blend. The reason for the unique cut is because it has been specifically designed for detailing and blending depending on how you use the brush. Each of the brushes has an extreme tapered point to be superior at picking up product as well as applying it and the tip is firm yet flexible enough to blend and apply products into the contours of the face. The large base of the brush is round for expert blending.

The collection includes a brush set, a sponge as well as three tapered brushes in different sizes to be used for different uses and areas of the face and body. Each of the brushes features an easy to hold handle, with a great weight to it, and I love that the bottom of the brush features a slated cut edge which fits perfectly with the theme of the brushes. I love the colours used for this collection and that they are different from the core collection, I love the white handles! The three brushes I have are:

- Point L £16: for applying blush, bb/cc creams, highlighters, contour and more.
- Point XL £18: for applying powder, bronzer, baking, foundation blending and more.
- Point XXXL £18: for applying bronzer to the decolletage and body as well as for body contouring.

I have to say, I actually use all three brushes everytime I do my makeup and they have quickly replaced old favourites! On first impressions of the brushes I loved how soft they are, all Real Techniques brushes are soft but these feel even softer! I have washed them a couple of times and they haven't shed at all and have held the shape well. Each of the brushes works so much better because of its shape for each of the ways I use them. I didn't think it would make too much of a difference but I don't think I could go back to traditionally shaped brushes now.

I have been using the Point L brush to apply blushes to the cheeks a lot but my favourite use of this brush is to apply loose powders to the under eye area. Because of the tapered point, it fits under the eyes perfectly! The Point XL brush is perfect for applying bronzers in a 3 motion to the face to warm the skin as well as applying powder to set my foundation every morning. I have also been loving using the XXXL brush to apply powder all over the face when I am in a hurry as well as using to bronze the body. All three of these brushes pick up the perfect amount of product and make blending a dream! 

The Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes are available exclusively at Superdrug - HERE.


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