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Tan & Protect for Summer

Even though it hasn't been that warm in the UK (or sunny really here in Essex!) I have been wanting to keep my skin well protected and my tan topped up. I love a good fake tan and I have been relying on St Moriz for years now, it's one of the only super affordable fake tans that I trust! SPF is another really important product especially in the Summer has nobody wants skin damage.
Tan & Protect for Summer
Tan & Protect for Summer
Tan & Protect for Summer
I have always preferred to use fake tans rather than sitting in the sun for hours and the St Moriz 5-in-1 Tanning Mousse is what I have been using for a while now. This is great for all skin types and I am rubbish at applying fake tan and I never have any issues with streakiness or patchiness with this! This one isn't at all drying on the skin and I do find that because it is a mousse formula that it is easier to apply. I like to use the dark version for a deeper tan rather than a sun kissed look and I have to always apply it with a mitt! The St Moriz Application Mitt is a must, and I love the new Summer design! This keeps my hands free from stains and my tan smooth and streak free.

I always forget to moisturise but it is so helpful to prolong your tan if you do so. The St Moriz Oil Free Tan Enhancer is a new product I have been testing and I have been loving it.This can be used before and after applying your fake tan as it is going to help prep the skin as well as maintain your tan. It has been formulated with Aloe Vera and has a very hydrating formula to ensure that your fake tan doesn't cling to any dry areas. I can definitely see myself using this when even I am not using any tanning products as I like how hydrating it is on the skin and that it doesn't feel greasy on the skin and sinks in quickly!

One of the SPFs I have been using a lot at the moment is the Ladival Sun Protection Spray SPF 30. These SPFs are a little bit more expensive (but currently on offer at Boots on a buy one get one half price deal) but I do find them to be a little more effective. This one, in particular, is suitable for sensitive skin and even helps prevent prickly heat and sun allergy. It has a water resistant formulation, which I really put to the test while I was on holiday, and it's not at all greasy on the skin! I can't stand when SPF leave a residue on the skin or take a while to sink in but I find with most spray SPF they sink in so much quicker. I have been using this for the past few weeks now and I haven't had any issues with sun burn! It protects against both UVA and UVB as well as Infrared- A rays.


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