Too Faced Love Light Highlighters

Too Faced are my absolute favourite brand and I knew I wanted to get my hands on at least one of these highlighters when they launched. I finally decided to treat myself while I was in Sephora when I was on holiday in Spain and I have been obsessed ever since! I had heard pretty mixed things about these but I have loved it! 
Too Faced Love Light Highlighters
Too Faced Love Light Highlighters
Too Faced Love Light Highlighters Too Faced Love Light Highlighters
Swatched: Blinded by the Light and You Light Up My Life

The Too Faced Love Light Highlighters launched earlier this year and have been inspired to capture that ethereal glow that only occurs when a woman is in love. These highlighters feature an exclusive liquid-to-powder formula that enables them to be ultra-reflective. They have been formulated without Parabens and Gluten and are cruelty-free. There are three shades available, Blinded by the Light is the lightest shade which is a light beige with warm under tones, Ray of Light is a light/medium peach with warm, slightly orange undertones and You Light Up My Life is a medium gold with yellow undertones. 

When you buy a Too Faced product, you know you are going to get some stunning packaging and these highlighters have some of the best packaging I have ever seen. It reminds me Polly Pockets (who had these as a kid? I had so many!) and Iove the mirrored finish to it. These highlighters come in pretty heart shaped compacted and the highlighting powders themselves have a prismatic embossing on them with a TF in the middle of them. This did disappear after a couple of uses but I do love all the little touches that Too Faced does with their products. 

To apply these, I prefer to use a slightly more dense brush like the Zoeva 132 brush as it picks up more product, I did try using a fan brush and it would pick up hardly any product. Blinded by the Light isn't as pigmented on the first stroke when compared to You Light Up By Life but it is so easy to build up the pigmentation. Both of the shades can be subtle on the cheekbones if you want them too or you can build them up to be blinding depending on how many layers you want to apply or if you use a damp brush. They don't emphasise any texture issues I have or my pores which I love and they look very smooth on the skin. I do find myself using Blinded by the Light the most as it is a better match for my skin tone.

These highlighters are very reflective on the skin and they have been formulated with Too Faced's innovative technology to keep the pearls spherical so they reflect light from any angle rather than being crushed during the pressing process like with traditional pressed powders. These highlighters have such a gorgeous glow and sheen to them, they look absolutely stunning on the skin. One of the main negative things I had heard about these highlighters it that they weren't very long-lasting but they last four around eight hours on me before they start to fade which I think is pretty good! I love how they don't ever look powdery on the skin, they really do look like liquid highlighters on the skin. 

The Too Faced Love Light Highlighters retail for £25 at Selfridges - HERE.


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