Berry Lip Favourites

I am so happy that Autumn is finally here because I can start wearing all of my favourite lip products again! I love anything berry toned, I find that they really suit my paler complexion well and I do love a bold lip. I have worn one of these all Summer I must admit as it isn't too intense but I have got all my old loves out and new purchases and I am ready for bold berry lips.Berry Lip Favourites
Berry Lip Favourites
Swatched: Dior Berry Lip Glow, Guerlain Wonder Violette, Sleek Berry Blast, Tarte Berry Lip Quench, Bite Beauty Mini Gloss, NYX Devil Food Cake & MAC Courting Chic 

Even though I do love a bold lip, I don't like them to be super intense which is why there isn't a single lipstick included. I just don't find myself ever wearing lipsticks as I generally find them to be a little uncomfortable on the lips and too bold for me. I am much more of a gloss or balm kind of girl. These are my absolute favourites which I know I will be using a tonne until next March time. If you are looking for a new berry toned lip colour, I think I will have one or two for you!

I have been keeping the Tarte Lip Quench in Berry in my handbag for on the go as it is incredibly hydrating. This is the sheerest one out of my favourites on the lips and I do really like how it looks. I have three shades of these Lip Quenches and they are like a drink of water for your lips! One of the newer balms (to me at least) I have been using is the Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Tinted Lipbalm in Wonder Violette. This is definitely more of a splurge when it comes to makeup as this retails for £27! This has a gorgeous, light rose scent and looks and feels stunning on the lips. The final balm I am obsessed with is the Dior Lip Glow in Berry. I treated myself to this at the beginning of the year and I am so glad I did because I can't be without it! This is a slightly thicker balm on the lips and is the longest wearing out of these three.

For days when I want plumper lips with colour I always go for the Sleek Power Plump in Berry Blast, I have been loving these ever since they came out and I still can't get enough. These are extremely comfortable on the lips and I really notice a difference in the size of my lips as these definitely plump the lips! Bite Beauty is a brand I have been wanting to try for ages, I wish they were available in the UK. I managed to pick up a mini gloss off Depop (it doesn't have a name but it was from a Rose set). This is a really lovely gloss and it isn't sticky on the lips. It also has a light scent with great pigmentation. The NYX Gloss in Devils Food Cake is the darkest shade out of my top picks and I love how vampy this is! It really transforms any makeup look and I need more shades of these Butter Glosses as it has a great formula. The final gloss I have been loving is MAC Courting Chic. This was from one of the holiday sets last year and this is packed full of glitter! It isn't gritty on the lips and I love the hints of red running throughout it.

What are your favourite berry lip products?


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