Blog Prop Ideas Under £10

I am always on the look out for new blog props and eBay is one of the places I always turn too. I love to find affordable blog props as I like to switch them up every couple of months, these are some of my favourites I have found lately as well as one thing from etsy I can't get enough of!
Blog Prop Ideas Under £10
Ribbon £2.49: I am always using ribbon in my photos, it's a great space filler and looks super cute! I have a few different colours and some Christmas ones in my stash. 

Rose Petals £0.99: I always see these in Pinterest photos and I love the way they look. They are super cheap and I can't wait to order some of these for myself and experiment. 

Autumnal Leaves £1.39: I am obsessed with these! I love getting them out at this time of year, I used them recently in one of my Yankee Candle reviews and I adore the way the photo came out. 

Heart Trinket Dish £7.99: Trinket dishes are some of my favourite blog props! I have a few different ones and this one will be added to my collection soon. 

Dorkface Autumn Sticker Pack £4.50: I am obsessed with Jemma's Etsy shop, I have one of her note books and it's always in my bag for writing down blog post ideas on the go! These stickers are perfect for planners but I think they would look gorgeous in photos too. Support the small businesses, Jemma deserves it! 

Sticky Back Marble £4.99: I have bought back my marble background now and I have been loving it. It's so cheap but looks the real deal, I just stick it into some card or a B&Q floor tile sample. 

Cat Trinket Dish £6.99: I just can't get enough of trinket dishes! 

Mermaid Makeup Brushes £6.99: I love using makeup brushes as a blog prop and these are too cute to pass up. 

Fake Lavender £2.41: I recently started using lavender in my photos and I love how it looks and this seller has a few more colours that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Cat Ring Holder £6.75: This is super cute and would look cute in non flat lays. 


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