Essence Matte vs Shine Lip Glosses

I am one of the biggest fans of Essence products, I can never believe the quality for the price as they are incredibly affordable. I am obsessed with lip products but when it comes to matte lips, I have never been a huge fan. I hated the way they felt on the lips so I never got on board...until I tried the Matt Matt Matt Lip Glosses from Essence! Even though I am not a bit of a matte lip fan, I could never give up my glosses.
Essence Matte vs Shine Lip Glosses
Essence Matte vs Shine Lip Glosses
Essence Matte vs Shine Lip Glosses
Swatched: One-woman show, happiness in a bottle, runway your way, la vie est belle, girl of today and simply be an icon

The Shine Shine Shine Lipglosses are only £2 each and are brilliantly formulated. These glosses have incredible high shine with an almost wet look to the lips that I love and rival some of my high-end favourites. Each shade is super smooth on the lips and doesn't feel thick or sticky on the lips. For these being lip glosses, they are actually fairly long-lasting, they found up well even when I eat a meal which impresses me every time. They are available in a few different shades and I have a good mixture of plums, nudes and bright pinks so I am set for any season! One-woman show is a bright, vibrant pink, Happiness in a Bottle is my perfect nude and Runway Your way is a deep purple plum.

These glosses have a deliciously sweet yet slightly fruity scent, these are my favourite scented glosses I use. The main thing I love about these glosses is the colour intensity, I am not one for lipstick usually so I like glosses that are opaque and these glosses are exactly that. You can achieve a slightly sheerer wash of colour but you can definitely get them to the full colour you can see in the tube. For £2, you just can't beat these! Essence has such a great shade range too so I can't wait to get even more in my collection. 

I can't stand dry lips which is why I have always hated the way that liquid lipsticks feel on the lips. But once I tried the Matt Matt Matt Lipglosses I was hooked. What I love about these is that they don't dry down, they are a highly pigmented lip gloss with a matte finish. They are extremely comfortable to wear and they don't bleed outside the lip line thankfully! Even though they don't dry down, they are extremely long-wearing, I can get almost a full day of wear out of these whenever I wear them. These feel very velvety on the lips and have a slightly whipped texture to them which I find actually makes them easier to apply. Just like the Shine Shine Shine Lipglosses, they smell delicious as they have a sweet scent. I hope Essence brings out more shades soon as I am hooked on these £2.30 products! 

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