Iconic London Illuminator Review

I am a highlighter addict! I just can't get enough of them but my collection was seriously lacking liquid highlighters. Ever since Tati (Glam Life Guru on YouTube) talked about these on her channel I knew I had to get my hands on one at some point! If you like an intense highlight, I think you will really love this product!
Iconic London Illuminator Review
The Iconic London Illuminators are available in three shades, Shine, Original and Glow, I have the Shine version which is a pink based shimmer to add a pearly shine and I think this is the perfect match for my skin tone. Original is more champagne-toned and Glow is a terracotta shade to give a rich bronze glow to the skin. These do retail for around £30 each and while this does sound expensive, you do only need a small amount and I have seen them on offer a few times so definitely keep your eyes peeled on their website if you do want to pick up one of these.

In the bottle, this does look a little scary to use as they are very intense but they are actually so easy to apply! The product itself comes in a dropper bottle which makes it easier to apply to the cheekbones. I always make sure to apply these after I have applied my foundation before powder for the best results. If you apply liquid over powders it can cause it to not apply smoothly. You can add these to your foundation, primer or moisturizer to add a glow to your favourite products but I like to use them directly on the cheekbones as I love a super glowy, intense highlight! Once I have dropped a small amount onto the cheekbones, I like to use a mixture of my fingers to blend or a damp makeup sponge to make sure I don't get up with a stripe of highlight.

This is a super-concentrated highlighting liquid that feels weightless on the skin. It doesn't feel at all greasy or oily while applying or once blended into the skin which I love. It's definitely more of an elixir than an oil or serum. If you love an intense highlight, you need one of these in your collection! This is definitely one of those highlighters that you can see from space and I am obsessed with it! It is a dream to blend on the skin and it is incredibly long-lasting. I really love the Glow shade as I have a lighter skin tone and I find pink based products do work well on me. If I want even more highlight in my life, I will set it with similarly toned powder highlight!

The Iconic London Illuminator in Glow retails for £30 - HERE.


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