New Favourite Blank Canvas Brushes

I'm always on the hunt for new makeup brushes, mainly so I don't have to wash them so often but my stash was actually lacking a bit! I have been in need of some new face and eye brushes, a few of mine have either broken or my little sister has stolen them so this bundle of goodies from Blank Canvas couldn't have arrived at a better time! I have tried a few of their products in the past and been a huge fan and I haven't been disappointed.
Blank Canvas Brushes
Blank Canvas Brushes
Blank Canvas Brushes
I don't often use brushes to apply my foundation anymore but when I do, I always use the F01 Quick Brush. This is on the larger side which I love as it makes it so quick and easy to apply and blend my foundation into the skin. It really buffs it into the skin and I never have to worry about any patchiness or brush lines like you can get with some makeup brushes. I love that the handle on my one is really short as it actually makes it easier to hold and it's more travel-friendly. Another face brush I have been seriously enjoying is the F15 Small Tapered Brush. This is perfect for highlighting the cheekbones as it picks up the perfect amount of product and applies it with hardly any effort to the skin. I have the one with red bristles but it is also available with black bristles.

The F28 Fluffy Powder/Contour Brush has so many different uses and can be used on the face and eyes. I have been using this to blend out my eyeshadow in the crease as well as using to apply highlight. Sometimes with my highlight I like to be more detailed with where I apply it and this brush is great cfor the inner corners or the tip of the nose. The F19 Tapered Concealer/Contour Pencil Brush is what I like to use to blend my concealer under the lower lash line and in the inner corner as my beauty blender can be a little difficult to use in these areas. It makes it so easy to blend my concealer and I love that it is tapered as it fits perfectly under the eyes.

The next brush I have been loving is the E03 Lip/Inner Tear Duct Highlight Brush. This is such a tiny brush which makes applying shadows to the inner corner a dream! I love to use this damp with one of my highlighters in the inner corner to add some wow factor to my eyes and because it is so small, you can be really precise with placement. The final brush I have been loving is actually my favourite and it is the E32 Tapered Crease Blender. It's a must-have for me now whenever I apply any eyeshadow in the crease! It fits perfectly in the crease and applies any of my matte shadows with ease and blends them beautifully. I have a few brushes similar to this one from other brands but this one is the best and the softest.

I have had some of my Blank Canvas brushes for years now and they are such great quality for the price tag. All of the brushes are well made and feel like great quality with the brush heads being super soft. I have never had any issues with them not washing well, they all hold their shape brilliantly nor I have never had a problem with shedding.

You can find Blank Canvas at Beauty Bay - HERE.


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