Yankee Candle Fall in Love Collection Review

With the cooler months slowly approaching, I am bringing back my candle reviews! I love doing these but I didn't really burn many during the hot weather but I have been obsessed once again. This is a brand new collection from Yankee Candle and I honestly didn't think I was going to be as big of a fan as I am!
Yankee Candle Fall in Love Collection Review
Yankee Candle Fall in Love Collection Review Yankee Candle Fall in Love Collection Review
The Fall in Love Collection from Yankee Candle is all about embracing the final days of Summer and welcoming Autumn with open arms. This collection has been designed to surprise and for you to fall in love. It has been inspired by Autumn's rich colour palette and to get ready to snuggle up with these sumptuously smooth and sophisticated fragrances. As always with the four main Yankee Candle new collections each year, there are four fragrances which are:

- Mulberry & Fig Delight: a tempting bowl of fruit filled to the brim with juicy mulberries and fresh-picked figs.
- Warm Cashmere: a calming, sumptuous and luxurious fragrance with sandalwood and exotic patchouli.
- Autumn Glow: an earthy leave swirl with hints of golden sunlight and woody patchouli, just like walking through the forest on an Autumn day.
- Vibrant Saffron: a warm and vibrant fragrance with the sweetness of saffron infused with the softness of vanilla.

I honestly didn't think I was going to be a fan of any of the scents from this collection but they have really surprised me, especially Mulberry & Fig Delight. This is a great transitional fruity fragrance, I usually hate anything with fig but this scent just works and it's delicious. Warm Cashmere is my favourite scent from the collection, I love anything with sandalwood and Autumn Glow is everything I usually look for in an Autumn scent so I am not sure why I didn't think I would like it. Vibrant Saffron doesn't like everything I dislike but it as it has vanilla, it makes it a lot nicer than I was expecting. This scent kind of smells like a man and I don't mind it! 

All four of these scents are available in a few different forms from large jars to tea lights, it all depends on your preference and price point. I always like to go for the wax melts as I have an electric warmer and these are much more affordable. but still pack a punch. Each wax melt aims to provide you with eight hours of gorgeous home fragrance and I have almost always found this to be true with Yankee Candle. With these scents, I definitely got my full eight hours out of each melt and with Vibrant Saffron I found it to be slightly stronger than the other three as it can easily fill large open spaces. 

The Yankee Candle Fall in Love collection is available - HERE.


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