Proto-Col Powders Reviewed

I love a good powder, I can't do my makeup without one and I honestly don't know how some people just don't set their foundation or concealer! I had been wanting to try more mineral based products and these two powders from Proto-col seemed like the perfect fit, I have been so impressed with these and I think I will even repurchase them soon.
Proto-Col Powders
Proto-Col Powders
Proto-Col Powders
I have been trying out two of the powders from Proto-col and both of them are baked mineral products. The first one I have been using is the Baked Mineral Colour Correct and this is great if you have a lot of discolouration, I have a lot of acne scarring and redness so I was excited to see how well this would work for me. This powder really helps smooth the skin while brightening and has a natural matte finish. It doesn't look at all powdery on the skin, no matter how much you apply, and it has hypo-allergenic ingredients to restore the skins natural pH balance. This has a tiny bit of coverage too which I love as no matter what foundations I use, my acne still peaks through on the chin and this really helped dimish the appearance. As my skin tone is quite uneven I was so happy with how even this powder leaves my complexion looking every day. 

The other product I have been trying from the brand is the Baked Mineral Foundation in the shade Dover. This has been created to work in harmony with the most sensitive of skins types and will adapt to individual skin tones for an even, well-blended complexion. This contains light refracting Mica to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores. It's available in three shades and I wear the lightest one available and it works well for me. This has much better coverage than the previous one and I love this over any of my liquid foundations to top up the coverage but also to wear on no makeup days to give me a little more confidence and to even out my skin tone. Just like the colour correcting powder, it is very lightweight on the skin and it doesn't look at all powdery once applied. It really does a great job at filling in my pores which I am obsessed with!

Both of the powders come in high-quality compacts with a mirror inside for on the go applications. Both of these powders are suitable for all skin types and are free from parabens. They do retail for £27.95 each which is a little more expensive than I would usually pay for a powder but I would pay that myself as they are such great quality and I love the way they both look on the skin! They are definitely worth the investment. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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