Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection

I just spotted these on the Superdrug website before and I had to share them! I love Real Techniques brushes and I find them to be such great value for money and they are bringing so many good looking products lately and I need some of these in my collection! This is the new Brush Crush collection that includes one of the prettiest brushes on the high street. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection
302 Blush Brush £12.99:  for a pop of colour on your cheeks.

300 Powder £12.99: for the perfect even powder application. 

303 Flat Contour £12.99: for a defined contoured look. 

305 Shadow Brush £9.99: a super soft shadow brush to blend eyeshadow. 

301 Complexion Brush £12.99: can be used to create a natural coverage layer or build up to a full coverage for a flawless finish. 

304 Fan £12.99: for highlighting the cheekbones and adding a bit of radiance.

Diamond Sponge £9.99: a multi-functional beauty blender for flawless application. 

This limited edition collection has been engineered for performance but designed to be instagrammable! This collection has been inspired by the latest holographic, pastel and glitter trends and I personally can't wait to get some of these brushes for myself. I love that they have coloured brush tops and the handles are gorgeous and glittery. These look similar in shape to the Bold Metals collection but with lower prices. 

Which brushes do you think you will pick up?

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