59p Christmas Candles Review

I am obsessed with candles at this time of year, I just can't get enough of them. I have got to admit, I am usually a bit of a candle snob and don't usually go for anything other than Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works or Flamingo Candles until I tried these! I couldn't believe how good they were for the price and I need to go and stock up immediately! 
59p Christmas Candles
59p Christmas Candles
I remember everybody was raving about the Gingerbread Wickford & Co Candle last year about how it was so good for £3.99 so when I spotted the smaller jars in Home Bargains for 59p each I thought I would give them a try. I am hooked and I have already been back and got the larger jar and I saw that they do reed diffusers in the same scent so I need to go back and pick up one of those. I will happily spend £20 on a candle and not even think twice about it so imagine how many of these I could buy! The only downside to these candles is that I have only seen them in Home Bargains, I wish you could buy them online as I would buy a tonne of them but they are about triple the price on eBay which is ridiculous. 

There are a few different scents available and I did pick up three of them, even though only two are pictured. I settled on Gingerbread, Vanilla Snowflake and Magical Christmas Tree. Until about two weeks ago I hated gingerbread in general but all of a sudden I can't get enough of the biscuits so this candle has been burning almost nonstop! This scent smells exactly like a gingerbread biscuit with the sweet and slightly spicy/warm notes and it isn't at all sickly. Vanilla Snowflake is a sweet scent with a slight milkiness to it, it's unlike any other vanilla candle I have had before. And finally, Magical Christmas Tree smells like a man carrying a Christmas tree if you ask me! 

All of the three candles come in very similar packaging to the small jars from Yankee Candle and each of the jars has a small photo relating to the scent, I really like this little touch as it makes them look a lot more expensive. These are all single wick candles and you get 70g of wax in each one  - for 59p you really can't complain! I wasn't expecting this to have any scent throw at all if I am honest so I was really shocked when I burnt these in the bathroom and they filled the space easily! The large jar can actually fill the whole house with fragrance which is so impressive! These would even make great gifts for anybody you know who loves candles. 



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