How I Promote My Blog Posts

I love how big the blogging community has grown, I am always looking for new bloggers to follow on every platform and catch up on all their content. The only downside to there being so many bloggers is that it can be hard for your posts to get seen, it is dishearting to spend so much time on a blog post for nobody to read it. These are the ways I like to promote my blog posts and they have been really making a difference!
How I Promote Blog Posts
I am obsessed with Twitter, it's my favourite social media platform and I do find that I get a huge chunk of traffic through Twitter. I find it best to schedule my tweets, I like to use Tweetdeck but I know many other bloggers like Buffer. I have always found Tweetdeck to be the quickest one to use and it's free. I like to tweet out links to my new posts every couple of hours on the day that I have posted something new as well as promote older posts in between- I always use hashtags when I am tweeting out links, for beauty products I like to always use #bbloggers for example. Retweet accounts are a great way for your posts to get seen too if you tag them in your tweets. Twitter does have Analytics which is definitely worth looking into to see when your tweets are mostly seen so you can schedule link shares during these times. 

I personally don't really use Facebook all that much apart from to catch up on wrestling news but it is incredible for my blog views. I started sharing my blog posts on my personal facebook account as well as my blog page and I saw a big spike in how many views were coming through Facebook, probably from all my nosey 'friends'. I actually find I get more page views from it than I do Twitter. One of the best things I have done is share my new blog posts in blog related Facebook pages and groups, I posted my post on the Real Techniques Brush Crush Collection in just one facebook group and it got almost 700 views within an hour which is massive for me. One of my favourites is the FBL: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers group. I have personally not found Instagram to work for me when it comes to traffic unless it's a Zoella new collection post. If you have over 10k followers and have the swipe up option on Instastories then I would definitely make use of that! 

A few months ago I discovered Reddit, yes I am extremely late to this, and I found a few different beauty subreddits that allow blog links to be added. I have been sharing my posts in the BeautyBlogs and Makeup_Reviews ones and I have noticed my views have slowly increased since sharing them on this platform, if you know of any subreddits please let me know! Pinterest has been working well for me since I started using it again, for some weird reason I only ever use it in the colder months. I try to remember to pin my images every day once a new post goes live by copying the link into the app as you can then have your images link directly back to your blog posts. And the final platform I share my new posts in is Stumble Upon, I have the app on my phone and it literally takes me seconds. I get a small boost of traffic every day and once other people thumbs up your posts, you get more and more traffic. I find it works best to stumble other posts too within the app and I like to add other bloggers' links every now and again! 

I also want to give a little mention to IFTTT. This is such a handy thing to have set up. They have a few different 'Applets' and you can do is set them up to automatically share your new blog posts on your social media platforms. I set it up so my new blog posts share to my personal Facebook, my Facebook Page and Twitter as soon as they go live and it saves me so much time! I also have one set up that shares my Instagram posts to Twitter with the image and link rather than just a link. 



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