Real Techniques Christmas Brush Sets

I am a long time fan of Real Techniques brushes and I have been long overdue some new ones so when these arrived I was so excited! You might have seen a little while ago I did a full overview of this collection (you can read that here) and they are even prettier in person! If you are in need of some new brushes I would definitely check these out.
Real Techniques Christmas Brush Sets
Real Techniques Christmas Brush Sets
Real Techniques Christmas Brush Sets
There is a tonne of sets available this year and with so many to chose from, there is bound to be one for you and I have three of them to share with you! All of the brushes in the sets this year have gorgeous brush handles with an ombre theme with orange, pink and purple. I really like that they have used these colours as they are the same colours as the core brushes from the brand and I now want all of the sets because they are not only pretty to look at but I have been using them so much already! As always with Real Techniques, the brushes are great quality as they have soft brush hairs and don't really shed so you will get great value for money out of these. 

The first set I have is the Full Coverage Essentials (£24) which comes with four brushes and a sponge. Inside the box, you get the Precision Contour Brush, Large Foundation Brush, Square Lip Brush, Full Coverage Eye Brush and the Dual-Ended Expert Sponge. If you are looking for new face tools, this is the kit for you! I really like the selection of brushes included in this one because you can do a full face with this and you wouldn't need to buy another set of brushes. All of the brushes are new for Real Techniques so you aren't going to end up with duplicates and I think my favourite brush is the Full Coverage Eye Brush which I actually really like for concealing specific spots as well as around my nose, I used to always use one from the Eye Starter Kit and this is just as good! It gives full coverage and doesn't leave behind any streaks. I am still quite new to contouring but having used the Precision Contour Brush a few times now it makes it so easy to do! The sponge included in this set is brilliant too as you can achieve really great coverage with this and it blends out liquid products with ease. 

If you are obsessed with highlighting like I am then you need to get your hands on the All About That Glow Set (£15). This comes with two new dual-ended brushes, the Strobe + Blend Brush and the Set + Spotlight Brush as well as the Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Miracle Mini Easer Sponge. The price point of this set is brilliant as it is one of the more affordable sets from Real Techniques this Christmas and I have been only using the two brushes to highlight lately! I used the Miracle Complexion Sponge when it first came out and I really liked it so I can't wait to give it a try again. The mini version is one good product to have in your makeup bag if like me you make a few mistakes while doing your makeup. This sponge allows you to sweep away any eyeshadow fall out or flaking mascara without messing up your base makeup! I love both of the brushes for highlighting but I have found myself using the Set + Spotlight Brush sightly more because you can be a little more precise with it. 

The final set I have is perfect for anyone obsessed with eye makeup or if you are just wanting to build your brush collection. The Eye Glam Set (£16) is one of my favourite ones on offer this year and I didn't realise just how affordable it is! This comes with four brushes as well as a brush cup to store them in and I love that they included this! I am always running out of storage for my brushes and this pot is the perfect size to keep almost all of my eye brushes in. The four brushes in this set are the Base Shadow Brush, Brow Highlighting Brush, Precision Smudge Brush and the new Winged Liner Brush. This is great to create a daytime eye look or an evening look with, the only extra brush you will need is a crease brush. My favourite brush from this set is the Base Shadow Brush as you can use this on the lid and to blend out shades in the crease, it's like having two brushes in one! 

You can find the Real Techniques limited edition brush sets at Boots and Superdrug. 

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