Christmas Gift Ideas For Him // Gift Guide 2017

With about two weeks left until Christmas, I am trying to get all of my gifts bought and ready to gift! I have always found men to be quite hard to shop for (at least the ones that I know) so I thought I would put together some gift ideas which might make your shopping a little bit easier! 
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I have found a lot of inspiration from Groupon and I love a good deal so I was so excited to find some really great gift ideas on the site. Whether you are finding the ideal gift for your partner or just a friend, Groupon is such a great site to check out! A coat is a really great option as it is something that everybody needs, especially in England with the current snow situation and on Groupon they have a few really great options! The first is the Men's Smart Double-Breasted Duffle Coat which is a slightly longer style and looks very smart, great for the office. This is available in three different colours and it was £79.99 and is now £29.99 - what a bargain! Another coat that I found is the Men's Contrast Shoulder Padded Jacket, this was £49.99 and is now £22.99! This is a more casual l option than the other coat and would be perfect for when they are out and about. This one looks very warm.

If you really don't know what to get someone for Christmas then an experience or trip is always a great idea and it's something they can share with someone else too and it isn't something they would usually buy for themselves. Groupon has so many different ones available depending on your price range and they range from actual experiences to meals out. One of my favourites is the Gin and Whisky Distillery Tour for Two at Cotswold Distillery. This was £20 but is now £9.95 for two people so it's a great affordable gift if it's local to you! Whenever I am looking to book an experience I always check on Groupon as they always have such great offers available so it's definitely something to keep in mind. 

If you need a couple of fun gifts or just a little something extra, I have found three gifts that I have actually purchased one or two of to gift this year. The first one is the Mini Desktop Arcade Machine (£17.99). This is something I like most men (and women actually) would really like, if they like gaming, as it is a little bit of fun! This includes 240 retro games to brighten up a boring day. It has built-in speakers and a 2.5-inch colour screen. Another one which I think is really cool is the Smartphone Projector (£14.99). This magnifies images and games from your phone onto a 40-inch screen! It's easy and quick to set up and requires no batteries or wires. I think anyone who is on their phone a lot would really enjoy this. The final gift idea I have to share is the Bedside Pocket Felt Caddy (£14.99). I don't know about you but I am always taking 101 things to bed with me and instead of having my phone in my bed I like that this keeps it within arms reach but it's actually not under my pillow. It will keep everything well organised too! 


This post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 


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