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Detox and Relax with Absolute Aromas

It has one busy week and I don't know about you but I am ready to chill out with a hot bath and have a bit of a detox! Absolute Aromas have three products out perfect for this and I have been really enjoying them of a night when it comes to turning to switch off for a while. I really liked one of the room sprays I tried from them a little while ago so I was so excited to try out these three products.
Detox and Relax with Absolute Aromas
Detox and Relax with Absolute Aromas
Detox and Relax with Absolute Aromas
The Detox Massage Oil (£8.26) has been one of my favourite products to use lately to keep my skin hydrated and feeling soft. This has a few different sizes, I personally like to use this after I have had a shower and as a body oil and in my bath. I do find myself using more as a bath oil as I don't have to do that extra step once I'm out of the bath and I am quite lazy, to be honest, so I would always forget to actually moisturise my skin regularly! This is great for anyone who wants to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and will help tone and firm the skin. It is also great for anyone who has recently lost a lot of weight as it will help with saggy skin as well. I have been adding such a capful to my bath and it is such a lovely product to use. It leaves a comfortable residue on the skin and I love how this product smells. It has a blend of Grapefruit, Juniper, Geranium, Palmarosa and Cedarwood essential oils with the carrier oils of Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose and Jojoba, it also contains Vitamin E! 

Another product I have been using in the bath is the Detox Himalayan Bath Salt (£4.75). I love to use bath salts and these are some of my favourite ones I have tried this year. All you have to do with these is add a capful under warm running water and gently swirl until they have fully dissolved in the water. These also have essential oils within them such as Cedarwood Virginian, Grapefruit, Juniperberry, Palmarosa and Geranium Bourbon. These are going to encourage the elimination of toxins within the body/skin and I have been really liking them! My skin has been looking and feeling so much better since I started using these a few times a week. 

The final product I have been using from Absolute Aromas lately is the Detox Salt Scrub (£15.50). I haven't really tried too many salt scrubs before but if you are after a really great body exfoliator then this is the one you need to try! As it is a salt scrub rather than sugar scrub I have actually found it to be much better to reveal softer skin, you do only need the tiniest amount and you don't need to scrub at the skin too harshly for it to work. Just like the previous products, it has a huge amount of essential and carrier oils as well as Vitamin E to leave the skin free from toxins and super soft! I have found this to actually make my skin look so much healthier and it has never been softer. 

You can find all three of these products and more - HERE


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