NEW Superdrug Face Masks

I love face masks but never seem to finish them because I have so many but I am always trying out new ones and these had me so excited. Superdrug recently came out with these new face mask pots which I have been loving and what's even better about these is that they are vegan! They have a few different ones for you to try but I have been using these three.
NEW Superdrug Face Masks
NEW Superdrug Face Masks
Superdrug has come out with five of these new masks and I have three of them to talk about today. I love that these are Vegan first of all because I have been making much more of an effort to actually look at what is in my beauty products! The other two face masks that have just come out are the Blueberry Jam and the Avocado & Oat, I have the Coconut, Kale and Charcoal masks. I really love the look of the Blueberry Jam one so I need to pick that one up next!

I really like the packaging of these little face masks, they almost look like food pots which makes sense with most of them being foody themed! They all contain natural extracts and have great benefits for this skin and for just under £5 each you really can't beat it. Even though they are on the smaller side, you do get a fair few uses out of each pot and I have found it best to apply all of them with a brush, it creates a lot less mess and it's much more hygienic too. You can even use them to multi-mask if you have a few of them like I do.

I like to use the Charcoal Face Mask when my skin needs a little help when it comes to getting the junk out of my skin. As I have acne my skin isn't always great and this has been really helping to get my skin looking much better and feeling soft. It's really creamy to apply and gives the skin a deep clean. The Kale Face Mask is going to add a burst of vitamins into your skincare routine and I found this mask to be the most brightening out of the three that I have. The final mask I have been using is the Avocado & Oat Face Mask. I really love this one and it has a slightly exfoliating effect on the skin.

The Superdrug Face Masks retail for £4.99 each but are currently on offer for £3.29 - HERE.


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