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Bigger and Plumper Lips Without Injections

I’ve never been a massive fan of my lips, my top lip is slightly wonky and thin so whenever I would wear bolder lip products I felt like it always drew attention to it. I had considered having lip injections done, but honestly, I’m too much of a baby for it so I turned to trying out different lip pumping products at home and found some amazing ones that actually work. 
Bigger and Plumper Lips Without Injections
Bigger and Plumper Lips Without Injections
Bigger and Plumper Lips Without Injections
I have tried 101 different lip plumping glosses and some are just all pain and no results but the ones included in this post do work and make a huge difference! I’ve also got a device which is definitely worth the investment if you ask me! The first gloss that I like to use for plumping benefits are the Sexy Mother Pucker Glosses from Soap and Glory. I really love these, they have a good selection of shades and they smell like chocolate orange! I don’t find these to be very painful on the lips, just gives a tingly sensation for a little while after you have applied it. This works to plump out the lip lines for them to apply fuller. The Buxom Lip Polish are another favourite of mine for tinted glosses, I have the shade Sophia and I usually keep this in my handbag for on the go as it goes with every makeup look without having to worry. These feel very minty on the lips and have a very smooth formula and are quite long lasting for a lip gloss. These do make a slightly bigger difference than the Soap and Glory ones but only by a touch. 

The final gloss I love is the Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips, this one makes the most difference when it comes to lip size! It’s slightly more painful than the other two glosses but it doesn’t last very long. The effects last all day and as it is a clear gloss you can apply it over other lip colours or throughout the day when needed. I have been using the Make Up For Ever Lip Booster most mornings as part of my Skincare routine to get my lips prepped for the day. This is essentially a hydrating serum for the lips that has some plumping benefits. This helps plump up the lines in my lips without any pain or discomfort what so ever. 

The PMD Kiss is by far the best lip plumper I have ever used! It is around £100 but I have to say it’s definitely worth the investment if you do want bigger lips without having injections as it works the best. It has two different settings, I switch between them both and you do ten pulses on each lip section. It doesn’t give any pain at all, it does come with a plumping serum you can use beforehand for better results but I always forget to use it honestly. This makes my lips look almost double their natural size, especially with my top lip. It makes such a difference when I use it before applying bolder shades and the results last all day. I haven’t had any bad side effects since I started using this and I would highly recommend it. I did do a review on this a while back if you want to check that out, HERE


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