Bloggers You Should Follow in 2018

One of my new year resolutions is to read my blogs and make an effort to comment on them, I just never seem to have enough time! I also want to share the love more because social media can be a very negative space. These are the bloggers that I think you need to follow this year and ones I see growing a lot this year, I can't wait to read all of their future content.
Bloggers You Should Follow in 2018
I love reading beauty blogs and there are so many amazing bloggers who write about beauty and are absolutely killing it. EmmyWritesAbout, KasieBeauty, Sophie in Wonderland, The Beautiful Bluebird and The July Rose are always making me spend money and I always find myself going back to their blogs to read their new posts. For bloggers who write about a little bit of everything, I love Jemma from Dorkface and Heather from Of Beauty and Nothingness. These two blogs have incredible photography and I really enjoy reading their posts. Jemma has an Etsy shop which I am obsessed with which you can check out - HERE

I want to give a special mention to Lily from PintSizedBeauty who inspires me constantly to make my blog better. She is such a lovely friend and whenever I'm not sure about a photo or a post idea she always gives me her honest opinion and I am so grateful for that. She has such an incredible blog, her photography is on another level and I just know that 2018 is going to be an amazing year for her. Jasmine from Blogs All Beautyy is also another really lovely friend I made in 2017 and I always love chatting to her and her posts are always some of my favourites to read. 

While most of the blogs I do read are beauty based, I do want to give a mention to a couple of book bloggers. In 2017 I really got into reading more book-related blogs and I am always picking up books on the recommendations of two bloggers in particular. The first is Beth from The Reader's Corner, Beth does a little bit of beauty too! Whenever I want a new book, I head to her blog and I always find new favourites through Beth. The other book blogger I want to mention is Zoe from NoSaferPlace, she actually helped me out with getting my Twitter shadowban lifted! Zoe also has a YouTube channel (I love watching her videos) and she started her own YA book subscription box, Wildest Dreams Box which you can check out - HERE



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