Small Businesses to Support in 2018

This year I decided that I wanted to support smaller businesses when it comes to shopping. I purposely will shop in my little town for things for my bunnies to support the local small pet shop rather than shopping at a big chain company and I wanted to start doing this online more. I love how many people I follow on Twitter are starting up their own businesses and I can't wait to make orders from them soon.
Small Businesses

I love nail polish and follow so many indy brands on Instagram and my cousin has started her own line of polishes. I have been testing out a few of her shades so far and have been really impressed. The Nimy polishes are priced at around £5 each with new shades launching soon! My favourite shade at the moment is Blissfully Unaware as it's unlike anything I have in my collection. These polishes are 5-free as well as cruelty-free.

I have been following Zoe for a while now and I love her channel and blog and I can't wait to order one of her new boxes soon. The Wildest Dreams Box is a monthly subscription box and for £18 a month you receive a newly released book with other bookish goodies! I have fallen back in love with reading this month, it actually feels weird when I haven't read a couple chapters in a day and I've noticed it has massively helped with my anxiety so I'm definitely going to treat myself to a box or two soon. 

I bloody love Jemma and I have made a couple orders from her shop before and I can't wait to make another one soon! The Dorkface Shop includes stationery, illustrations and paintings with so much more! I really love the look of a few of the new prints on the shop, I bought a couple before Christmas and gifted them as presents. I have my eyes on the Line Drawing Figure print next, it would go perfectly in my bedroom. 

This is a small business launching at the end of the month which as got me seriously excited! Taken Moons is a hand poured candle company with bookish candles. They will be £8 each which I think is a really great price point and if you know me, you will know I love a candle! There will be a few different scents to start off and there one that will be scented like Rhubarb and Custard which I am seriously excited about as I love a sweet scent.



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