GOSH Lip Oils

Lip oils are one of my favourite beauty products, I can't get enough of them! But since going cruelty-free, it's been hard to find a good lip oil...then these arrived through my letter box! As soon as I opened the parcel I was so excited to see these in there and I have been so obsessed with them. I don't think I have liked a product this much in a while!
GOSH Lip Oils
GOSH Lip Oils
GOSH have added three new gorgeous shades to the Lip Oil family and the reason I am so excited about it them is because they are sparkly and slightly holographic! I have always been a glossy lip girl but as I have quite dry lips I need something hydrating for day to day use which is why I love lip oils so much as they are the best of both worlds. I haven't tried any lip products from GOSH in the longest time but I have fallen in love with these and I just can't wait to try out more soon.

The two lip oils that I have are 006 Flower Essence and 007 Crystal Star, both of them are absolutely gorgeous! Flower Essence is a slightly metallic pink on the lips and Crystal Star is a high shine, sparkly clear gloss on the lips that looks slightly iridescent. I love the applicator of these lip oils, it's a sleek flocked applicator which applies the lip oil easily to the lips without going outside of the lip line for smooth and even coverage. These lip oils are packed full of nourishing benefits as well as intense repairing oils for super soft lips in no time! With a lot of the affordable lip oils I have tried in the past, they will feel very hydrating while on the lips but have no long-lasting effects or benefits. That isn't the case with these, my lips have never been softer!

I have been using these every single day since I got my hands on them and I am definitely going to need backups! These aren't at all sticky on the lips and even Crystal Star is extremely smooth on the lips which I was surprised at as it does have glitter in. These lip oils are unlike anything I have tried before as they have a gorgeous glowy sheen and sparkles, most lip oils I have tried only add a very slight hint of colour to the lips! These are extremely hydrating and long-lasting on the lips, I have been surprised at how long these wear on the lips while also being extremely lightweight. I have been wearing them alone most of the time but they make gorgeous lipstick toppers too! 

The GOSH Lip Oils retail for £7.49 at Superdrug - HERE


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