My Five Favourite Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favourite things about the internet and I have been obsessed with them for years. If I don't have a podcast on when I go to bed I just can't fall asleep! I listen to them all the time and I find myself preferring to listen to a podcast over music a lot of the time so I thought I would share my five favourites at the moment. 
My Five Favourite Podcasts

This is one of the funniest podcasts to listen/watch if you ask me. It’s usually about an hour of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solamita goodness. I’ve been a fan of Jenna for years now she is still one of my favourite YouTube creators ever. Both her and Julien make me almost cry with laughter every single week. I usually watch the podcast on their YouTube channel to support with Adsense and I will always end up listening to it again as a podcast throughout the week. My favourite episodes are when they talk about conspiracy theories so I hope they do another one of those soon! 

If you like makeup as much as I do then you’ll love Full Coverage. It’s pro-makeup artist Harriet Hadfield and author, pro-wrestling fan Lindsey Kelk chatting all things beauty. I love they talk about new launches (although my bank balance hates it) and they always link the products in the description. They are really funny too and I love the Facebook group for the podcast, everyone is so lovely in there and it’s nice to find people with a mutual love of makeup! 

Speaking of Lindsey Kelk...she is often on Tights and Fights, she had tweeted about it one day and I have been obsessed ever since. Tights and Fights is my favourite podcast ever and I look forward to the new episode every single week! This is a wrestling podcast so if you like WWE like I do then you have to listen to this one - I promise you’ll love it! It’s absolutely hilarious and even if I haven’t caught up with the week of wrestling I still listen to keep up with what’s happening.

I have only known about h3h3 mainly because of Philip Defranco (side note if you don’t watch the PDS what is wrong with you?) and he was on the podcast one day and I really liked it and have watched all future episodes! If you like YouTube then I think you’d like this podcast, I’ve learned quite a bit since listening to it and it’s quite funny too. I really liked when Jenna and Julien were on the show and I’d definitely recommend that episode! 

If you didn’t already know, I love wrestling! And I’ve listened to this podcast since the very first episode when it was Making Their Way to the Ring but even if you don’t like wrestling specifically but like sports I think you’d like this. The interviews Lillian does often make me emotional hearing the superstars’ stories, the recent episodes with Paige and Charlotte Flair actually made me cry. It’s nice to hear the superstars’ life outside of the ring and they often share things that make me love them even more. 



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