Best Cruelty Free Lip Glosses

Lip glosses are by far my favourite lip product, I have a drawer full of them and I can't get enough! I thought I would share my absolute favourite glosses today that are cruelty-free as I no longer personally purchase any beauty products that are tested on animals or sold in China. These are the five that I am always using on rotation!
Best Cruelty Free Lip Glosses
For a clear gloss, the Glossier Lip Gloss is the perfect option. This is a non-sticky gloss with such high shine while actually being quite hydrating on the lips. I keep in this in my handbag to apply throughout the day if I need a little something extra and I love pairing it with lipsticks. I often find myself wearing this paired with one of the Glossier Generation G's. It's very smooth on the lips and for it being a gloss, it does hold up well throughout the day. I really hope Glossier launch some new shades of this soon or one with some glitter in!

The Pixi LipLift Max are a new obsession of mine. I have a couple shades and still need more! These glosses are slightly plumping on the lips and have a cooling sensation on the lips once you apply them but it isn't uncomfortable - I actually quite enjoy it and it's great in the Summer months. These are very smoothing on the lips and they have a good selection of shades available. I love glosses that plump the lips as my top lip is slightly wonky and thin so this gloss helps with that without needing to use an additional product.

For a peachy, hydrating lip I always go for one of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil Lip Glosses. These are extremely nourishing on the lips with a silky finish. It honestly feels more like a serum on the lips than a gloss but it still has a tonne of shine! I hope they launch some more shades of this at some point as I do really like the formula but I'm not massively into peachy shades on the lips if I'm honest, this is about as peachy as I will go.

Soap and Glory make some killer lip products in general but if you want a metallic gloss then the Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Lipglosses are for you! My favourite shade is Back to the Fuchsia which is a super metallic brighter pink. These are very comfortable on the lips without being at all drying once applied. They're very lightweight on the lips and are perfect to add a little something fun and bold to your makeup look.

My final gloss favourite is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. I received this for my birthday last month and it has been a love affair ever since! This is a stunning universally flattering rose nude shade. It's extremely comfortable to wear and isn't sticky in the slightest. Just like the Glossier gloss, it's actually quite moisturising on the lips but this gloss has colour and glow compared to Glosser. This is one of those glosses that is perfect for every day and goes with pretty much all of my makeup looks. I can't get enough.


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