Crown Brush Purple HD Makeup Brush Set

I have been obsessed with makeup brushes lately! Usually, I'm not that fussed about the tools I'm using as long as they work but ever since I tried out the Real Techniques Brush Crush brushes I had been wanting to try out some new ones. I have tried a couple of Crown Brush products in the past, including the palettes and the paddle brushes which I loved so I was excited to try these out! 
Crown Brush Purple HD Makeup Brush Set
Crown Brush Purple HD Makeup Brush Set
This is the 523 Purple HD Makeup Brush Set from Crown Brush and it retails for £31.99 (I do think this is fantastic value for money). You get six brushes in this kit as well as a pair of tweezers all inside of a super handy travel case that has a mirror inside for on the go makeup applications. I had heard such great things about Crown Brush and I loved how these brushes have a lilac/purple theme as it makes them a little more fun! The brushes you get in this kit are:

- Pro Power 
- Tapered Blush
- Deluxe Contour
- Chisel Shadow
- Crease Blender
- Detail Liner

The first thing I noticed when this arrived is the quality, these brushes are incredibly soft and I love the fact that they have lilac tips. If you do the maths, each brush would be around £5.30 (that's without the tweezers and travel case included) and you can't beat that. These brushes made up of a combination of nylon bristles for precise application that has been perfectly adapted for cream, powder and liquid makeup products. The brushes are very lightweight, easy to hold and each of the brushes has a gorgeous lilac handle. One thing I really love is that they have actually included the names of the brushes on the handles, a lot of brands don't do this! I have been testing these out every day for a couple of weeks now and I haven't experienced any shredding, I have also washed them and they have all held their shapes. 

You get a good mixture of brushes in this kit for the face and eyes, I personally have been using almost all of them every single day! The Pro Powder brush has been my go-to brush for applicating pressed powders to set my foundation as it is such a great size - it's not too big but not too small. The Tapered Blush brush is the perfect brush for precise blush applications as it is on the smaller size but it blends out product brilliantly! The Chisel Shadow and Crease Blender have been brilliant for eyeshadow looks and I have been using them every day for any matte shades to apply in the crease. I use the Chisel Shadow brush to pack on shadows and the Crease Blender to blend. The Deluxe Contour and the Detail Liner brushes are two that I haven't used too much yet but they are such great ones to have in my collection as I know at some point, I will really need these! 

The tweezers included are what I have been using to do my brows and I do really like them so far. The travel case is going to come in so handy when I go on holiday next as it keeps my brushes in one place and it's on the sleeker side so it wouldn't take up too much room in my luggage. 

The Purple HD Makeup Brush Set is available - HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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