Glossier Lidstars Reviewed & Swatched

For the last couple of months, I have been really loving cream-based eyeshadows so as soon as these dropped, obviously I had to have them. I've become one of those girls who stalks the Glossier website whenever they launch new products and for the last few launches I've managed to buy them before they even send out the email! I honestly thought I wasn't going to be a fan of these but of course, Glossier has done it again!
Glossier Lidstars Reviewed & Swatched
Glossier Lidstars Reviewed & Swatched
Glossier Lidstars Reviewed & Swatched
Swatched: top is Slip and the bottom is Cub.

These are the brand new Glossier Lidstars, available to purchase individually or as a duo. I decided to go for the duo and I'm glad I did as I do really love them both and I will definitely be ordering another shade or two soon. There are six shades available, ranging from sheer creams to smokey greens with yellow gold pearl. If you like natural eyeshadow looks, I think these might just be the product for you! 

The Glossier Lidstars are said to be a cream shadow with less shadow and more glow. These are going to light up the eyes with a sheer coat of colour with a floating, flattering, multicolour pearl. The Lidstars are very unique in that I haven't used anything that gives a twinkly effect to the eyes without a tonne of pigmentation. These can be used alone or mixed with other Lidstar shades or eyeshadows. I have been playing around with these every day since they arrived I do personally find that they work and look better when I don't use any other product with them. You can definitely build up the pigmentation to use to create a little more pigmented eyeshadow look, with matte shades in the crease, but I just love the effect they give the eyes when used alone. 

I have been applying these with the doe-foot applicator and sheering them out with my fingertip across the lid and slightly into the crease for an everyday eye. I can definitely build up the pigmentation to what you see in the swatches but it is a little bit difficult because the actual applicator itself is very long that I can't be super precise with it. The two shades I decided to go for were Slip, a sheer baby pink with a golden highlight effect, and Cub, a rose gold with a warm shimmer effect. I decided to go for these shades as I knew I would 100% use them no matter how pigmented they were on the eyes but having used them and seeing how flattering they are, I think I need to get Fawn and Lily next! 

 Once these have been applied to the eyes, they do not budge, crease, fade or smudge throughout the day! I have been alternating between the two shades and I can apply them at 5 am and by 8 pm they are still going strong (without any eyeshadow primer). I really do love the effect they give the eyes, it's a very sheer wash of colour with a natural-looking sheen and shimmer. I do like the packaging too, they are similar to a test tube and when I first saw them I wasn't so sure but once they arrived I found that I do really like it. I love that you can see the shade through the tube and they are quite sleek so they aren't going to take up much room in your makeup bag. 

If you are interested in these then I would recommend the duo as they have already taken £5 off the price and you get free shipping aswell (if you haven't shopped with Glossier before you can get an extra 10% off them, if you shop through this link - 


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